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    What to say - text message

    Hi guys, I met this georgeus girl on a plane while traveling, she is from spain but studying at the states; and we talked about how much we liked the same soccer team ( real madrid ), and other stuff... so for now, i added her on facebook, and i was wondering if you guys could help me what to say next to her... here is what i got so far:

    Me: Madrid! Hope you had arrive at your university, btw dont forget to watch the finals of copa del rey !!! G' night.
    Her: I also hope that your flight wasnt that bad. Lets see if we win ''la copa del rey''... Kisses.

    So, I dont know what to write next and when to write it.... any help would be greatly appreciated!!.

    Ps. for those of you who dont know what '' Copa del rey'' is ( this is a spanish championship in which the team we liked is going to be playing).

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    First off, are the logistics reasonable? How close are you to her university? Did you talk about ANYTHING else besides soccer on the flight?

    She's probably new to whatever city she's in. Find out some cool spots or discount book stores and suggest showing her around.

    OR find a good Spanish restaurant and invite her to join you for tapas.

    NEXT look up "one-itis."
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    Well, she lives in Atlanta and I live in Utah. Besides soccer we also talked about fraternities in her university and mine, we also talked about how people from Spain have a cool accent, and that i have a little cousin which once said ''culete'' (little ass) and i didn't know what he was saying; to which she laughed...

    Also, she told me she's doing a exchange program and she will be finishing in someday in May, and then she is going back to her country.

    I need help because when i met her on the plane, i played the role of the classy boy, so i think that she's very comfortable with me, but has little attraction... I was wondering how to make her more attracted to me while keeping the classy boy role.

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    I think you have a new nickname you can call her - culete

  5. "kisses? not so fast, culete - we just met!"

    or something similar

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    like it

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