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  1. Great links everyone

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    Pretty solid post, thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    Can't wait to go out tomorrow and test out what I liked in this

  3. Awesome advice! This is all really helpful. The only thing I would say, just to present another perspective, is that I've found it useful to make eye contact with her 90% of the time shen she's speaking, and about 50% of the time when I'm speaking. When she's speaking, it's a good opportunity to make deep eye contact and do some triangular gazing. When I'm speaking, I find it powerful to frequently gaze off into the distance while I'm speaking. It gives the impresssion that I'm in deep thought and really speaking from my core. It's hard to explain and I think Soul talks about this a bit in his workshop, maybe he can clarify. It's something I learned from him which works really well.

    This is super excellent advice and can even be used when asking indirect stuff like where I can have some nice sushi etc
    Gr8 !

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    Very informative!

  5. Thanks for such a great post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fountainhead View Post
    Great Post thank you.

    One question:

    How important are the emotional state? How should be the emotional state and how to change it?
    That's a good question bro. I understand what you mean.

    Basically what emotions do you want to bring to the interaction - in yourself and in her (when it's in you - she will pick it up).

    Nice observation there.

    Yeah it's important - but not something you should focus on overly.
    2 words here:
    - curiosity
    - excitement

    OK so curiosity didn't alway kill the cat - actually it's going to be a good asset. Otherwise why would you approach her in the first place - the otherwise is wanting something from her: this emotion on first meeting is going to freak her right out. So be curios and a little playful - not to heavy for overly surprised; it's not an extreme - it's a spark.

    Right so then excitement - don't take this to an extreme just a little buzz in you almost like your on the way to a gig you love. It's magnetic when it's subtle like that.

    Those are the initial emotional signals you want her to be feeling on opening. Then of course to fluctuate through a range. That's a great start tho. Keep it up big man!

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    Awesome post here. Thanks for your epic advice, the great material you share AND this hype forum you created for us all. I'll be coming back for sure! Ninja!

  8. THis is very helpful! whoooooooah! Thanks!

  9. Awesome post! Thanks to Nick Hoss

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