Farmer Phone Consultation - February 2011

Hey guys,

If any of you have ever looked around the day game section of the forum you may have seen my journal popping up from time to time. I constantly update it and keep it open so that I can get various viewpoints, criticisms, and tips.

When it comes to asking personalized questions about sticking points, however, you get bombarded by various different answers on the forums from guys who still haven't received the field experience or the insights that a Love Systems instructor has.

I met Farmer during the Las Vegas Superconference in 2010, and he immediately helped me with opening, stopping a girl, and all day game related questions I had at the time. His advice is always so simple and easy-to-grasp because he'll always give you practical advice that you can implement immediately. Furthermore, he always gives a response chock-full of great content. I wasn't expecting so much material from one phone call. This is one of the reasons I constantly read his FRs, forum posts, and his free Q&A ebook which can be found on the site as well. He always gives you the play-by-play. Anyways, fast forward to a couple months later and I've been implementing everything I've learned into my day game, yet have been stricken with a brand new wave of sticking points.

Everything after the opener.

How do you set up the date? Why are some girls stopping and some aren't? How exactly should my voice tone be? What should I text them in a day game situation as oppose to a night game situation?

And as expected Farmer gave amazing, effective advice in the most simple, easy-to-use terms.

So what's the benefits of talking to the guy himself rather than just reading threads on the forum, picking up another ebook, or emailing someone? Easy... he'll let you know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

In this game, one of the reasons I find that it's so frustrating and hard to get good is because there's such a LARGE quantity of content to work on that any one of those things could be off because it still didn't lead to the end result. I remember asking myself "what the hell, she seemed attracted to me! Why didn't she text back? Is there something wrong with my phone game or attraction game?" or "She was hesitant to give her number... but she seemed attracted... is it a problem with my qualification or am I still not doing attraction right?" If you find yourself asking these really vague questions, take note of it. Keep a list. And get a consultation with Farmer, he'll give you the clarity so you can properly work on what needs to be worked on.