How do YOU give good emotions [SCM]

Hey guys,

Lately I've been looking more and more into social circle game and I've been watching Braddock and Mr. M's Social Circle Mastery DVDs. I really love the concepts but one thing I think a lot of people struggle on is the part that the DVDs kind of brushed over and that's giving good emotions.

No I'm not talking about actual gamey stuff, but moreso things we do to make friends, make people like us, etc.

So here's one thing I like to do a lot: Give them a celebrity.

What I mean by that is... "Dude... You know who you remind me of?"

Guy: Who?

"Johnny Depp... not like stupid Pirates Johnny Depp, but old school Johnny Depp. Do you get that a lot?"

The key to this is to make sure it's a celebrity who is HIGHLY VALUED in society [i.e. don't start calling people Carrottop]

What do you guys do?