social circle friend facebook messaging me at 4am on a Saturday
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    social circle friend facebook messaging me at 4am on a Saturday

    Wasn't sure where to put this. I'm pretty sure I should next this one, but it seems like an easy lay and I hate passing up gimme's.
    so last month on my friends bday i meet this chick and we like talk alot together i run some game and then when i tell her hey i think you are cute. She says are you serious?
    im like yeah
    and she goes oh ok and im like wtf
    and just like sit there till the bill for kareoke comes and when it does she tells me she has no money....I HATE paying for girls but i dont wanna make a big deal out of it at my friends bday and its only like 20 bucks so im like wow thats grimmy....
    anyway she adds me on facebook and i ignore her and she sends me a message that says hey i owe you 17 bucks when can i give it back to you
    i was just like w.e. keep it idc and she is like oh blah blah i got a job im so happy now
    idc and just ignore. This Saturday she sends me a message at 4am that says "thanks for not accepting my friend request. =[." Here I think she is probably drunk thinking about me. Awesome this is like a lay up run some cocky funny shit bang her and we are done.
    So I send Oh, didn't know we were on the "friends" level'll probably have to get me drunk before we're on that level. Cause she likes to drink and party.
    She sends back...."thats insulting"

    I don't think I care that much but I may to see her every 4 months or so. I was going to write Sorry you took it that way. We should get a divorce now I'm taking the kids you can have the dogs.

    But I don't know if thats fancy play syndrome.

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    Re '

    I think your response is fine...

    I'd keep it playful, and/or just tease her for not being able to take a joke.

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