Braddock & Daxx - Washington, DC Feburary 2011
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    Braddock & Daxx - Washington, DC March 4-6, 2011

    Braddock & Daxx DC Bootcamp. March 4-6, 2011

    Hey gang,

    This is a review but also a recap. I will bold and underline points that are worth reading. Only read those for a quick glance at what to expect from a Bootcamp. I don't mean to make this overwhelmingly long but I think it's important and worthwhile to recall this experience.

    ** About Me
    I actually don't use these forums as much as I should, and that's my own fault since there's overwhelming info that could help all kinds of people. But as an attendee for this month's bootcamps, nothing wraps up all this information faster and has you putting it to use within those few nights.

    A bit about myself - I am the shy guy. It's not just girls, even mixed sets with guys freaks the hell out of me. But once you open a few times, I mean yeah you'll screw up, but afterwards it gets old and goes away. I dunno, somehow I keep my cool when I get called out under pressure, but I still get weird while I'm working under pressure.

    ** First Day
    So I'm an hour drive away, I get in about an hour early so I can meet people one at a time. The only guy to show up before 2pm was this cool dude named pnkflyd, we talked for a little bit before like a bus load of people came into the room. So it was like, "Hi, I'm Mark" one after another, and already forgotten everyone's names. Then Braddock and Daxx show up and damn. As I'm super shy and seeing Braddock walking in the room for the first time had me freakin'. He carried himself in such a way that made me feel overwhelmed, like he was owning the room before I even knew the guy. This dude knows this stuff inside and out, knows how to screw around and have a great time, even make me laugh, and I'm a hard guy to get a smile out of. (I got this real stiff personality)

    As much as I want to share exactly what happened, I can't give away secrets, but I'll just describe how things went.

    Braddock began by introducing himself and his story, about how he got into this stuff and why he did it. He drew up some psychology brain picture (I didnt have my glasses that day but apparently he sucks at drawing anyway) He was establishing how we interpret thoughts and habits into our heads and when we encounter new situations, our brain has this automatic function that tells us to get away from this scary feeling. This feeling is for our own safety, so we have to learn to correct that behavior through repetition. I'm probably saying that wrong so don't follow what I say completely, I'm just saying Braddock is a pretty clever guy, he takes a huge interest in this stuff.

    If I remember, Daxx was up next, he explained his story about being from London and how he got into this stuff really early. Like he's a year younger than me and he's already comfortable going out to venues like these, just blew me away.

    Anywho, we started with describing the basics and general terms, if you don't have Magic Bullets, I'd recommend buying it right now, it definitely helps getting a feel for what's being explained. I had a copy of it but I never got around to reading it cuz, well, I panic whenever I thought about trying this stuff. Thus why I attended the bootcamp! Magic Bullets was a nice strong outline for the bootcamp so if I missed writing things down, it was already in MB. (If you do take a bootcamp or if yours is coming up, always write stuff down, even if they're talking in quotes and stuff)

    You always need to be writing, and it'd been awhile since I been in a class where I sat for awhile and would have a tendency to drift off. Get ready to fight that feeling and ask them to repeat stuff cuz you should ALWAYS be WRITING what they're saying.

    I think shortly after we covered some basics, ... or maybe it was before we covered anything, we did an exercise. The exercise, before we knew it, was going to serve as a time capsule. We attempted to hit on a girl, using what we know from personal experience. If you're reading that sentence I just wrote and you get that feeling in your gut, I have it too, I mean you just need to be honest about it. It's not like you've lived in a cave, you've talked to a girl at some point, you may not have even liked her, but you asked dumb questions. That's okay if that's where you're at, that's what'll get fixed up at these boot camps.

    I dunno what I can or can't say about these bootcamps, maybe someone can reveal what these exercises are but anyway, you learn to use these exercises on almost a daily basis. It's not to constantly pick up girls everyday, you cant be doing that all the time or you get burned out. No, the exercises are meant to improve your thinking and what you can remember, which is key. They'll also help you be more wity. I suck at making people laugh cuz I'm not really all that clever with making jokes. Braddock definitely can relate to all kinds of things which was like, to me, just insane. I asked him, "how do you get to know all that stuff, how can you relate to all these different things"

    An example. I dunno anything about what it's like to be a nurse, or a teacher, or a stripper. So you teach your head to google things. Alot of us like to web browse, so I find myself on wikipedia maybe too much, but it helps when your friends have seen a funny video, and you watch it, and you relate it to new people and they've seen it too, you have a common ground. So if I dont know anything about a nurse, I'll look it up and try to relate it to myself. Like, I almost faint when I see blood, I don't think I could ever handle being a nurse. Stuff like that.

    If you watch 30 Rock and don't get all their jokes, press pause, google that. Or Entourage and what they're talking about. Pause, google, get in that world.

    The bootcamp is a great way to figure out ways to enrich your life a little more. Like I now have some books I can look into, and look into some classes that'll help me out. I have this bad-habit posture that makes me appear as uncomfortable in my situation. Like if you're standing in front of the class, full of people, that feeling. So I need to learn about body language, and posture, and how to carry myself better. I've got a list of things that were suggested to me on a personal level that was an eye-opener.

    ** First Night

    I have jam-packed my notes and I'm at pnkflyd's hotel room getting ready for that night. And as shy as I am, I am freakin. I mean the last time I typically go out to clubs or bars were with friends I made in Florida, and even then, I wasn't talking all that much. So now I'm going out with people I'm still learning about, what's gunna happen, I can barely remember my stuff. Well that all goes away pretty quickly when we get there.

    I mean we're there to have fun anyway. We arrived a bit early so me and pnkflyd had a chance to take it easy before things got crowded. He opened with a set, I couldnt hear what he asked but as soon as she showed minor disinterest, (she actually had a couple laughs with pnkflyd before they were running out of stuff to talk about, they talked for at least 45seconds - 1 minute) pnkflyd asks her to take a picture of me and him on his camera.

    So I open my first set for the first time. I was so nervous, when I asked the line, I could barely hear myself. And they were lookin' at me weird and disinterested and wanted to go back to what they were talking about and I wanted to give that up. I remember that first sweat rollin down my forehead. I took a moment to recover and got my second Bud Light.

    A half hour later the instructors get there and start pushing me into sets. But they DONT tell you: "Go over there and talk to them" No, absolutely not. The cool thing is, these guys are bros. They'll make sure you know what you're gunna say and get things started. They want you to have fun and have a kick-ass time. So Braddock comes up to me and says alright, you're gunna goto those 2 over there and you're gunna ask what do you think about this and this.

    I did but again, I wasn't confident in the material, I wasn't even trying. This time the set wasn't as rejectful, I already had their attention so I threw out the lame questions, "where you from" , "what do you do" and then that was done. Braddock comes up again, and he was watching of course so he knew what was up. Actually Braddock is a very keen dude, he can tell what you're thinking and how you're feeling without you having to say anything. Anyways, Braddock comes up and has me open another set with another opener that we discussed in the BC, and my mind is picking back up again and I'm remembering what happens next. I still end up tossing out the lame questions afterwards but hey, I am opening sets. I had never opened sets. It was cool to just be able to ask ppl anything.

    Let's see, trying to remember... I've had sets later blow me off but I was used to it cuz it happened already. If they dont want to talk, its not on me, they got problems. Or something. Their loss. The following night meant I had to start over though.

    ** Second Day

    To Be Continued.... Hell this is already super long, I might condense it.... Alot of it, later on.

    Second Day

    Okay so the first day we were focused on opening and transitioning . We covered more TriggerWords which is what I said about Googling words in your head.

    The next day we jam pack more notes and cover Attraction and Qualification . We started with our 5 Light Bulb moments. Screw it, here's a sample exercise, I'm sure it won't hurt. One of the exercises we did was remember 5 moments where we go "Oh that's why it worked" or "Oh that was so cool." Moments where we land a discovery within ourselves.
    Like the night before, I winged pnkflyd and all I said was that phrase from How I Met Your Mother. Haaaave you met pnkflyd? And he was always talking with them for a minute or more. Heck I was talking to her friends for awhile at some point.
    That and talking slower and louder like "you're trying to knock down a cow" or "like you're trying to open the the group behind the one you're talking to." You want to be heard and show that you know what you're saying.

    Oh and we also covered things that we saw other instructors do. I dunno if Salem is the power ranger name, there's a few Salems registered here. He was there with us and I followed him at one point, he got blown off a bunch but he didn't get frustrated, he still manages to say something (hard to hear in the club) and get her to laugh before he leaves them be. So he never left a set on a bad note despite being blown off.

    Oh yeah, and everytime you go out, you should put yourself in situations that's more pressuring than what you're used to. Every night, go home and write down what worked. And always reward yourself for the small incremental growths. Like I would kick myself alot and not appreciate myself for the small things I accomplished for the day. Like typing up this review! I like to try and put in some aspects that I think others would appreciate. Reward yourself for the small efforts.

    Okay so we went into Kino and Escalating. Trying to find the quote I wrote down... "If you don't escalate, you masturbate." Yeah, yeah. Actually reaching out and touching girls ain't so bad especially at the club where there's just dancing. But then again there's escalating when you're just talking to a set too. It's important to get some touching in, like on High Points. I think of High Points as a time where the girl picks up on her interest of you. Like she totally gets what you're saying and she laughs (but not the laugh where she's just being nice) or when she gets really excited and might do something to get your attention.

    We did an exercise where the person sitting next to us would answer like.... 10 - 15 questions in a row. Braddock was still in his chair in the front of the seminar and would ask a question every 30 seconds or so. Whenever he said a question out loud, our partner would answer it, every 30 seconds. And they were personal questions they could relate to themselves. "Whats your favorite movie and why." The speed of the exercise overloads how much we remember. Like so much information in a hurry. Then, finally, after it's done, you had to write down everything you could remember. It was a fun way to recall information we might've learned from someone we met.

    We've done more exercises but I'm not gunna get into 'em.

    Second Night

    Okay, so we've talked about an area that I'm not even ready to get to. So I start freakin' but once I got to Josephines, it all died down. I mean as long as I continued to open and transition, I could work from there.

    So yeah, Josephines, really awesome. We got our own table and split the amount the following day, was like $1000. Really upscale stuff, I was a bit surprised I got in with my ripped jeans since that's as dressy as I can get atm. So once again, I'm at level 0 and I gotta work my way back up again. I don't exactly open right away this time. I kept doing the dance where you're like "okay im gunna do it....nonononoo cant....okay now im gunna...." Eventually Braddock catches up with me and has me go set after set after set. I dunno, I thought it was hilarious to get thrown into sets. But I mean again, I was trying to remember all the things I took note of, and all I could remember were my lame questions from the night before.

    Didn't matter. This night I may have only had 1 or 2 rejections but it wasn't even as big a deal. I dunno why I did'nt stick around our table so much cuz apparently that's where all the fun was, there was a point where our table was loaded with people. We had this bachlorette party directly across from our table and everyone was everywhere. As for me, I'm still learning the trade, I'm keeping at it.

    Third Day

    Our last day, alot of us are tired out, we had some great partying, we've all done things we were proud of. We still had to take notes on Comfort , a bit of phone and text game (which was fun) and closing on sexual hoops.

    I think after some starter exercises, me and this other dude, damn, cant remember the name, maybe he can post a reply here and say what's up. Well we got in front of the class and I pretended Daxx was Sloan from Entourage, and tried to open her........him..........himher a few times. So they helped me out with my posture, my tone, my body language just to get more used to it. The most interesting thing was how to get more loosened up. They had me shout cock sucking mother fucker out loud. I mean, it's hard to get a laugh out of me, I think it comes from my dad.

    Like I have to find ways to get more loosened up and have a fun time and just talk shit. So they suggested: Improv , Hip-Hop Dance class and be the only white kid there (haha), Salsa, Acting, goto the Gym (do shoulder exercises, or yknow.) Yoga. Just to get the arms moving and to be more relaxed. Practice talking to strangers, make a list of things you enjoy that gets you laughing or excited. Unfortunately for me, its mostly video games so I gotta venture out and find something else.

    Okay so then we crammed in some final note taking. When Attraction ends, qualification begins. When Qualification ends, attraction begins. You can build attraction by speaking to a girl's friends if that one girl sorta blew you off prior, if you qualify before attraction you get blown out.

    "Where you from Sarah"
    "I'm from Texas"
    "Where's your horse? (haha) Ah I'm just playin,' so what do you do?"

    We talked a little about Hoop Theory and how the size of her responses is relative to the size of the question. Small Hoop is one word, Medium is a small story, Large is alot of background.

    We took a moment to write down what we like to see in a girl. I mean, everyone should know what qualities they want in a girl. If you don't make a list write now and figure out what you're going for. You can start building your routine around that.

    Phone game was interesting, I do alot of texting too. Somehow I just know I'd rather be texting than to have a whole call with someone because sometimes you just want to get a quick answer out without having to do the whole call thing. Braddock has a great understanding of timing and how to mess around, so he has this really cool outline for phone game. But.... I can't give away secrets!
    He did tell us a story where he got a girl's number at a club, "Get your phone out, text me your number." And at some point he started a text convo with her while actually talking to her at the club. Like he was pretending he was texting someone else and he was like "Oh this girl in this blue dress won't stop flirting with me, if I don't hiss her soon..." sends the text and she eventually gets it and they start having 2 conversations. I thought that was cool.

    So yeah, we closed, finished off, we all said our goodbyes, I was given some last moment advice on style, especially hair. Was it Pendrixx or Calabrese ... you guys rarely used your power ranger names so I'm getting you all confused. Anyway, a big thank you for all your help then and now. I've learned alot and now have some steps I should be taking. It's nice to have a guide and a plan to work towards so thanks again for all the outstanding advice and great times.

    Who wants to change their abilities with women and dating FOREVER?
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    Just got back from the boot camp and wanted to say 2 thumbs up. I was only able to go out the first night due to a foot issue. I got to say that both Braddock and Daxx are intelligent and well spoken and know this material inside and out, LOL they live it and it is working;') I thought my foot was up to it, I felt great learning the material in the classroom and practicing. In working with them I felt they were giving honest feedback and spent extra time to help those who need it most. It was honest but real advice with a great try try again attitude.

    I appreciated their efforts enough to go out to Best Buy and get them gift cards on the last day even though every step I took was like stepping on a nail.

    They pushed me to open sets, I did. They were persistent and I was very hesitant. I would literally limp in and open sets, not good game. I made improvements as the night went on but I was definitely disappointing in how long before I opened sets, But I had been trying to pass as healthy hoping I could get through the night without an issue.

    I truly wanted to do this and I believe what they are teaching is solid and helpful outside of picking up woman. Using what I learned from the first day I realized that I can open sets with no fear. This was key data. I have done product demos in front of a few hundred people with no problem. So I can cross that off the list. Im not fighting a fear issue. "Winning!"

    In 2009 I had an excruciating surgery that took 7 months to heal. I was on the hardest pain killers and in more pain than you could imagine. I might have well been a victim in the movie SAW. I had to hurt myself ( dr’s orders) in order to heal.

    I have always avoided loud places in general, I have very sensitive hearing. In fact when I was doing Tech Support at NIH the audioligy lab tested me and said “I have never tested anyone close to how well you hear.” I never put 2 and 2 together before the first night.

    A huge but very sad break through moment was realizing that I can’t do loud clubs. I would go in the past, but wear foam ear plugs, which makes it about impossible to talk to girls but at least I could think and be comfortable. I personally can not operate in loud environments in any capacity. My Pre frontal cortex shuts down and my lizard brain takes over. Its like being locked out of your own brain and you can’t get in. It was not the adrenaline rush of fight or flight. I guess that is the feeling of sensory overload, cause I could not sleep that night, I was running a fever burning up, I was hurting like I had a flu. My ears were ringing well into the next day which I always assumed was from drinking, but I did not drink this night.

    I went skiing in early January and I thought I broke a toe. After 3 months of being out of commission it turns out to be a tumor on a nerve in my foot. If you step wrong its like stepping on an electric eel. It had been getting better and I got cabin fever ("Tigers Blood!” lol) really bad the last 3 months and thought I must at least try Boot camp since it was in my city. I had been toying with the idea for a few years of taking the class. I am glad I took it with Braddock and Daxx. I have been close friends with a lot of guys that had animal attraction - girls just want these guys.. but in most cases these friends have no game per say and could not teach me anything besides chill out.

    So, back to the bar, thank god they outlawed smoking, that drives me insane, just as bad as loud for me. I would rather buy cooking oil from BP with bird feather in it then be breathing cigarette smoke. So my brain shuts down, my foot is progressively getting more aggravated. I am constantly in fear of someone stepping on my foot. I only started walking last week so the muscles are all weak and tire quickly, needing time to recharge and let the lactic acid dissipate. And then about 2 mins before I leave the bar because my foot is swelling up and hurting, I wait in line for the bathroom then a Dirty drunk SLAG stumbles out and steps on my bad foot, the thing I feared most! I had to make tactical decisions all night on how to move due at limp speed in a busy bar as well as how to navigate and protect my foot. LOL, well I guess if I ever write a book I will just title it "OH Fuck!!!"

    The instructors mistook my issues as being afraid.. I have spent my whole life trying to fit in with healthy people. I look fine on the outside, but I am always in pain and that puts you in a horrible frame of mind which makes it very hard to be social and fun. People don’t understand when I am in pain as I mask it as anger on my face which in my mind is better than looking in pain and everyone asking “whats wrong” and they just can’t help me. I guess I have been in denial about my health and what it is doing to my mind. But for everything wrong with me I have a good thing that makes everything even. A ying and yang that I have spent my whole life to achieve a balance and unfortunately woman were not part of the equation. I have some stunning friends, I have gone to lunch with playmates, etc... Woman can see that I am of very high value once they start talking to me, but I had a traumatic experience that made me frigid and totally hands off. Lol, I guess I was sending girls mixed signals... they could feel my heat but I would not touch them, so straight to friends Zone.

    The Instructors were pointing out how my frame of reference in speaking makes people love me or hate me but mostly the latter. I am starting to think that my lizard brain is sabotaging my thinking brain on purpose to keep people at arms length as a defense mech. I feel I am extroverted, I want to be social, but I have so much internal garbage collection to do in my mind. I feel like I am one in a billion, my issues are so deeply intertwined that I had no clue what was wrong with me as there were so many issues that interlock like a house of cards. Each small issue aggravated the big issue which creates more small issues... etc... A giant negative feedback loop which is like shitting on all your good qualities.

    I am very happy to have taken the class with Braddock and Daxx. They have serious skills and teach well and are great at motivating. I saw other classmates make big strides so I know this stuff works and is being taught well. There are some things that could be done better. I really hope they start using the new iPad2 to video tape the students practicing in class so the students can see themselves and the feed back from the instructors. They also need someone like myself to get better in club video and audio. I would also suggest that for what the class costs that they provide drinks and snacks or to warn us to bring our own. No offense to the instructors but it was hard to watch you all chowing down while we were all starving.. maybe it would be better form to move behind everyone to eat, because their teaching and Im thinking dinner , food , hunger .. rinse and repeat ;’)

    If you are on the fence like I was, just do it. I doubt there are too many others that are like me between healthy and make a wish Limbo, but I tried.. I hope the instructors realize after reading this that I did the best I could given my situation and was willing to risk not being able to walk to do this.

  3. Hey Kazer and Benny ,
    Nice to hear from you guys. It was one of the best experience I had in the BC. The instructors were awesome.The fellow students were great and ready to help each other out. I am on call today, so writing a bit and will give the details later. But this BC will change my life. I am all hyped up to go out and try everything I learned in the BC this weekend.
    Kazer I had so much fun to go sarging out with you. You opened a few sets for me and some of them went really well. I never had a wing, so you being there to help me and encourage me was a awesome feeling. I am sure you will get this part of life handled in 2011. Keep in touch.
    Benny, it was nice doing the last exercise with you. You have been through a lot in life. But I know you will also get this part of our life taken care of. All the best and keep in touch, buddy

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    Braddock & Daxx Washington DC Bootcamp March 4-6

    Finally got on the Attraction Forum to post my review of the LS bootcamp. For all of you reading this curious about whether or not to drop the money for the bootcamp I should start off by saying it WAS a great investment and I DID get out of it what I was looking for. I know a few guys who exceed any ones expectations for attracting women and Daxx & Braddock carry themselves that way. What makes the training so worth it was the structure they teach the classes in, the exercises they make us go through, and both their abilities to breakdown their skill set so simply, all for the benefit of our learning so we can see our improvement. I'm 26 and have been going out to bars since I got a fake ID at 19 and been trying cold approaches since early on in college. There have been some success stories(5-7's) but have not gotten the results I am interested in(8-10's).

    The class hit the ground running, Braddock obviously started off showing he was going to be our leader/mentor from the start and wanted everyone to let go for the next few days and give him and Daxx their ear. Neither of them egotistical, they take pride in what they do and they both wanted to see everyone’s improvement no matter what their skill level. They both told us their stories about their background and how they got to that point. So much info the first day, almost overwhelming, if you want to know what was taught, take the class. What makes the classes especially different from any of the reading material is not only seeing their vibe when presenting certain lines, but when to use material in different situations, and what works best for the type of person you are.

    After class we decide to meet at this bar/club, big venue, three stories, should be packed on a Friday night. Although, I knew it was not packed enough since we were going to have 10 guys using similar material...gotta start early. I say what’s up to some of the guys I had class with, I walk to the bar and see a couple girls, not really hot but just want to get warmed up talking to people(key), things are flowing smooth, building attraction like they said, just wanted to check and make sure this stuff was for real and it did..NEXT. I spot a group of about 4 hotties at the bar and start to make my way over there..mental block, I puss out..shit I need to warm up more. As people are filtering in from class we are all hangin out getting to know each other. At one point I go to wait in line at the bathroom and this hot preppy chick comes behind me, I say what’s up and give her a cold read. To say it worked would be as much of an understatement as can be, if she had a pair of knee pads she might have dropped right there..she was loving it. We go use our bathrooms and I wait for a sec to see if she would come out which she didn't, although at this point I didn't want to act needy at all so I just move on... not to mention after that convo I am feeling like I got 12 inches in my pants(2 inches shy). By now everyone has made there way in, our 3 other instructors(cant remember your power rangers names right now guys and I don't want to give out your first names but you know who you are) made it as well. These 3 guys just made the experience out on the town so much better, not to mention they have just unreal game, answer any questions, offer insightful input, and provide that little boost. After a little while I spent some of the night winging for some of my guys I was with, I think early on there were some rough results but people were really starting to grasp the ideas as the night went on. Guys were in set longer, more comfortable, and just having more of a fun time…the instructors really make sure everyone is accounted for and NOT wasting their time in the field, they want success for their students and more importantly they want every one having a good time. At some point in the night I met a nurse who was real cool, we split a couple times but ended up chillen most of the night together. I used most of the ideas I got from the instructors and got deep into some role play….money. She wouldn’t kiss me in the club but as we walked out of the bar she ended up pulling me to her cab and at that point I knew I couldn’t ask the instructors for my money back…fuck it, the sex was good and her body was ridiculous(Thanks again, love you guys).

    Next day was another intense, fast pace classroom experience. Everyone shared their stories and what we learned and how we need to improve. The instructors shared what they saw and the ideas they had for everyone, then went into the next steps in pickup. They said we were going to this club Josephine’s which I had been to and I knew everyone had to be sharp because these were going to be the hottest chicks in DC.

    I got to the club late as fuck and saw everyone bouncing off the walls…LS bootcamp had taken over, I needed a drink. Girls were everywhere, people dancing like crazy, hangin from the rafters, having an all out good time. I was greeted with open arms by everyone in the crew and told by Braddock that I better have my eye on 10’s tonight…he knew why I took the bootcamp and knew what I needed was a thorough kick in ass. I was told while even searching for 10’s, you still have to hit on everyone, you have to get in that zone and make sure that in any situation you are ready to go. I saw a lot of improvement from the rest of the guys I was with, almost quantum leaps from the previous night. Guys hooking sets, dancing with girls of their choice, having a blast. I had some sets that blew up in my face… getting shot down with anger like I had T-Bagged their cat or something. I needed a breather cause it was getting a little rough out there and at that point Braddock grabbed me by the arm and started throwing me at chicks. It may not have been conventional but he knew that’s what was best for me. And even though I had rough results, I learned a lot from that night. Detaching yourself from picking up women to who you really are. Knowing it’s a skill set and not letting some shut downs affect you…they don’t know your real self, when I would watch how our instructors would carry themselves after a set, even if the girl didn’t dig them at all, they wouldn’t carry any form of shame because they knew they weren’t shot down on a personal level and they could just move on…no time wasted. By the end of the night I had a couple of 10’s that hooked a lot more than they ever had. Nothing really escalated but the material was working and it was something I definitely will spend more time and improve.

    I was a tad bit wounded from the night but I knew I improved and the night had just made me stronger at this skill and exposed things I needed to improve. I took the subway back to my sisters place at the end of the night and as I was walking out of the station, this hot blonde with her friends opens me and comments on how cold I look. We talk for a couple of minutes and I tease her right before we split, I throw a hail mary and try to make a quick connection…it worked, pulled a solid number(LS really knows what their talking about)!

    The last day was another round of serious hours in the classroom. Finishing off with some seduction tactics and Braddock making sure he was ready to release us into the world. All in all it was an amazing three days. My classmates were awesome, met some real cool people and the instructors running the show keep you in good hands. I got a couple of buddies who are naturals and they never really can break down what they do so well, they always tell me that they just tell girls “what they want to hear”. After this bootcamp I saw that what they really do is they tease the right amount, using trigger words they relate VERY well, and they qualify. Getting to hear these guys break it down the way they do made this such an experience. What an awesome ride.

    Thanks guys.

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    Last Post: 02-06-2011, 08:38 PM
  4. Braddock & Daxx Strippers & Hired Guns - NYC, January 2011 (w/ Fader)
    By ubertoaster in forum Love Systems Reviews
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    Last Post: 01-21-2011, 11:33 AM

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