Gaming in New Zealand

Supermarkets here are fucking MONEY!!$!

I went in and there were literally 15 sets all hb7-8s (was about 5pm) with new ones every 5 mins.

Feww girls were giving me proximities and i was so shocked at this i just stood there. One actually saw me turned round then came proxyed. I actually laughed out load as i viewed the process.

After being in this wonderful country for a month i am starting to realise girls over here arent like chicks in London, you can actually bullshit with them without a reason. People were im from (girls but me also, not ashamed to admit that why i am here) are very closed and guarded so slowly tryna get over that.

I am starting to love it here man. I juss gotta get over my AL (Approach Laziness)
Did i nice set that actually had me buzzed for the whole day.

You ever get that feeling? When you talked to a really cool chick and you were actually having a blast and the feeling lasted all day after you ejected? Yh i had that.

You guys notice any subtle things about how gaming in New Zealand is different from you home, or other place you visit?