Fader Bootcamp - NYC, February 2011 (w/ Sterling)
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    Fader Bootcamp - NYC, February 2011 (w/ Sterling)

    Short version: Fucking amazing

    Long version:

    So we meet up at this little classroom. I don't know what to expect. Pretty skeptical.

    Turns out Fader is this computer geek (being a software developer, this made me more comfortable and could relate more easily) that's also a fucking machine in disguise (specialty, strippers, most notably the ones that are a little over the edge and are latinas). His inner-game is solid.

    Now, I really didn't know much about game. Magic Bullets are good, but I felt like I was bombarded with info (which is hard to digest all at the same time if you're a working professional and are working towards a Masters degree.) The first class was amazing, really highlighted all of the major points and provided a framework from which I could start from. We go to this one place. I had _really_ bad AA issues. Let's just say that talking to stranger was not my forte (working on it!). I worked on that the first time around.

    Then we head to some strip club. First time in such a place. I don't pay any of the strippers. Mess around withs some of them (made up a story about one of my friends and AIDS, one stripper was practically in tears at the end of it, I figured, I'll experiment here and see what reaction what I'll get, why not?) Fun times.

    2nd night, most of my AA issues are resolved. I got other things to work out. Sterling bent over backwards for me in that respect (thanks bro!), still couldn't really get over it, but then it's just a question of enough social experience when it comes to me.

    The thing that I liked the most about this class, ironically, doesn't have much time to do with game. I got a chance to talk to the man in private quite a bit. Learned a lot about life in general. Really, this was just awesome.

    Keep kicking ass dude!!


    The stunt that he pulled with that stripper was just amazing.

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    The Impact of a Love Systems Bootcamp (Fader & Sterling)

    A couple of mantras that I have adopted in my life are “try everything one time” and “turn fear into ambition.” We only have today to live and tomorrow is not guaranteed for anybody. All of the best experiences that I've had in my life have stemmed from dominating fear and pushing my comfort zone. Understanding that, I had to take a Love Systems Bootcamp.

    Before this weekend, I considered myself to be my biggest critic. Then I met Fader. He knew more about me than I could ever imagine. I had never met someone with such a deep understanding of astrology, body language, learning styles, teaching methods, comprehension, self-improvement, goal setting, human psychology and dating science. Fader pierced my reality in a way that I had never experienced before. He didn't sugarcoat anything for me during the weekend and I'm thankful for that. In particular, I learned a lot about frame control, bait-hook-reel-release/rapport, attraction spikes, hoops, social intelligence and beliefs.

    After seminar, the bubble I had created for myself had popped and I felt a new sense of the governing rules which truly define reality. I had hit a fork in the road and there was no going back. I was beginning to understand what it was going to take to achieve success in my life. “The true self is always coming through.” The balloon strings were being pulled together one by one and I started to get a feel for the bigger picture of social dynamics. Putting aside all the lines and theory, meeting women and having success in life is about being a man who is the master of his own reality. “It isn't what happens to us that affects our behavior. Its our interpretation that affects us.”

    At night, we met up at a bar in NYC. Understanding my interest in becoming a Love Systems instructor, Fader brought out Sterling and his friend Alex. Being around these two guys was my favorite part of the bootcamp.

    Sterling : We spent a lot of time together. You helped me tweak my vibe during approaches. You inspired the Eye of the Tiger in me and worked with me on my interactions and beliefs. You have a big heart, man. I am thankful for all of the 1-on-1 time you spent with me and I hope you know how much you have changed my life going forward.

    Alex : I learned the importance of being louder and having the best time in your immediate surroundings. At the bar, most guys are looking around for external stimuli to make their night fun and girls can feel that. When you can genuinely have the best time with your friends (loud, laughing, dancing, etc) and you stop caring what others think about you, approaching becomes fun and everyone in the social environment will subconsciously be drawn to you.

    Fader : Putting into words the impact that you have had on me is nearly impossible. I took the red pill and you showed me the path. I thank you for the change you've inspired in me. This community is about giving men the tools to become their best self but it takes courage for a man to take off the blinders and truly look at himself in the mirror. We all have strengths and weaknesses. By setting goals, finding passion and taking action everyday to improve on our weaknesses, we can achieve anything in this world. Thank you for all of the life lessons you have instilled in me.

    On the journey to accomplish all of our greatest goals, the question we are constantly asked every moment of everyday is... “How bad do you want it???”



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    This was a really great bootcamp. It is so great to see how far everyone came in it. One person went on to intern from LS, one person has a serious gf and one student is engaged / almost engaged. This was also the first time I ever had someoene help me on a program and for that I def thank Sterling.

    Also good to see Sterling this week for the first time since the bootcamp!
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