Minneapolis/St. Paul (2011)
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  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul (2011)

    I'm a 29 year old PUA in training. In eight weeks I've been fairly successful @ 4. I think my number would have been higher if I didn't over commit to 1 of the 4 mentioned above (GFTOW situation).

    Ne ways, I'm looking for other skilled or good looking PUAs to sarge with. Downtown or uptown, either works for me.

    I'm a business professional with decent and well rounded game. I'm fairly young and consider myself versatile with any scene or target. My specialty, if I had to have one, would be peacocking. My weakness is need for alcohol. I don't have the confidence to sarge without booze at this point.

    Numbers aren't a problem for me, but I'm still pretty shy when comes to the kiss-close or even isolating. I feel like my hooks-ups have been 50/50 game and 50/50 fools-close (I'm pretty good looking and work-out) Ne ways, thats me... Lets go get'em!


  2. Yo. Alcohol helps but if you can't do without the alcohol, you really haven't handled your inner game. It's amazing how your game changes when you have your inner game handled. I'm always up for sarging and always up to find new wings.

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