Is this push/pull?
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  1. Is this push/pull?


    If I were to reveal something good to her, but before doing so asked as to why I called her in my office, then her response might be because I had questions or needed help. Now if I use that to ask her that why she thinks of me as a selfish bastard just asks for help all the time, then that might put her in a bad mood. To recover from the push, I will admit that I was joking and reveal to her what I intend to give her. Is this push/pull since I accuse her, and then change the tone by showing her why I actually called her?

    Is attraction a possibility from this?

  2. Overthinking...don't do it.
    What you are going for is a tease? Then in theory yes..attraction can be had

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    First of all you should not be gaming in the office. Second, no that is not push-pull, that's just awkward game-playing that will make her feel weird.

    Push-pull should actually be called pull/push. It's playful banter and teasing.

    You pull her in toward you in some way, then before the moment is over, you playfully push her away again so she's left wanting more.

    Let's say I have a great dance with a girl and we end by hugging and arms around each other. After a second or two of enjoying it I would say "ok, ok, enough mushy stuff, show's over girlie. " in a funny, playful, joking way, with a smile. I would then break the hug and say "let's go to the bar so you can buy me a drink."

    You get the idea?

    In the original PUA show on VH1 there is a clip where Matador is cuddling with some girl at the bar and then jokingly says something like "ok show's over, get off me" and actually gently pushes her off of him. She eats it up. If I could find the clip I would link you.

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