Plenty of Fish To Sex Time (interactiong for start to finish)
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  1. Plenty of Fish To Sex Time (interactiong for start to finish)

    Thought this was money so i stoles it. Originally from

    [website deleted]

    Before I say anything…I’m looking at this page right now…and to the left of my text is a ad for BIG GIRLS lingerie…wtf google


    This is a conversation verbatim from plenty of fish, to my phone…I lie alot in it but eh, i got laid. Even though this is through text, I can’t stress enough that this is basically how I talk to all girls I’m trying to get with and MANY of the conversation literally go just like this. I just don’t happen to have them in text. And yes…this girl was hot

    (open with something different)

    Me: Hi

    According to your profile

    You have all your limbs attatched
    You speak english
    You kill plants
    You swear alot
    You want to be shot with lasers

    These are 5 o the 8 things i look for in a girl so i propose we go on a date to discuss possible mating

    Please respond within 3 business days or I will commence in eating my weight in ice cream


    According to your profile:

    You quite possibly have been in jail
    Like to destroy things in and around your neighborhood
    You are secure enough with your masculinity to wear a Twilight shirt
    Say fart, and hopefully do, fart
    Live in ______, where I was born

    Maybe I could acquire the other three characteristics I need to acquire Goddess Status.

    Did you eat your own weight in ice cream anyways…? I vote Banana Split.


    Me: If you had the other 3 characteristics I’d probably come to CS right now and attempt to make love to you on a mountain top

    But since you don’t we are gonna have to go on a date or something and flirt. Or maybe just meet up on Northgate like normal people

    Im so sorry you were born in _____ it must of scarred you for life

    Are you from BCS or something?

    Good luck finding a mountain top close to here in which to have sex with me on. (small shit test)

    And yes, it did scar me for life. Raised on Dyess and everything.

    haha alright maybe we could just have sex under a waterfall or something (blow off shit test)

    Im in CS alot and about to move there for work n school

    Your poor girl, I used to be air force, its makes people weird….like plenty of fish weird =P

    We could go to Austin, there’s a waterfall there! I’m ready! (shit test pass = amped up sexuality)

    You’re going back to school? What did you get your BS in?

    And I agree, you are pretty ****ing weird. Air Force did a number on you.


    haha DTFUW (down to **** under a waterfall) i love it =P

    Random Information about me

    I think we are both kinda weird lol…so is this site lol. Shoot me your number so we can work out this waterfall agreement =P

    Good idea with the waterfall, will mask my loud moaning which is apparently what I’m really good at.

    I was going to call you an idiot for coming to CS simply to have fun…and then I remembered where you’re from and I thought better of it. What are you going to go to school for?

    Yes, I think we’re both very strange and this site is pretty close. I’ll be graduating in May so I won’t be here past June or so (hopefully.) Wouldn’t want you to fall in love with me or anything.

    okay see your mean because thinking about moaning turns me on, and since you live in cs makes me very sexually frustrated


    haha i travel all over texas and I always have the most fun on northgate..cs kinda sucks for other stuff though

    okay no more being pof pen pals whats your number

    Ugh. You’re weird and that intrigues me so…

    55555 number


    1(me) : Im not sure how it got to this but im totally picturing fucking you under a waterfall right now

    2: So i did some fb stalking and you do not live in austrailian. Thats sad because i doubt it will ever happen (shit test)

    1: Haha i did 2 monthes ago, ha ya we will prob have to fuck in bed or something….laaaame (shit test destroyed)

    2: I want to live in austraila….!! would get so turned on by the accent wherever Id go. Wet at the grocery store, wet at the theater, Id be screwed (but never literally which sucks (look what happens when you pass shit test)

    1:Haha i can do a pretty sweet one. Thank for letting me know how to get into your pants (her name)

    2: Well fuck. You dont ride bikes to do ya? Cause id be done

    1.Ive always wanted to do a girl on a motorcycle porno style if that counts

    2.THAT does NOT count. You fail. And thats fun by the way (shit test for lack of better words)

    1.Haha, maybe if your cool ill let you show me how…Ride a motorcycle that is (shit test her right back)

    2.Im not cool your screwed (still fucking with me)

    1.Guess someones not getting laid by a austrailian guy now (im the prize)

    2.Your not austrailian i want the real thing (still fucking with me)

    And i want a cool girl. Wed never work and we just have cold emotionless sex all day, you fail (im the prize)

    I dont think my vag could handle sex all day especially if your big. Send me a pic ( I win)

    I then link her to my website Ehowtobuy___ (not public yet). And changed the text on it to say IM GONNA FUCK YOU ON A MOTORCYCLE, with a picture of me flipping her off
    2: HAHA you win, the guy at the top though looks like he has a mullet

    1: Lol i like you (her name)

    2: Haha, i know lets have babies (game point. Match alex)

    1: Cool ill see you on this day
    Roll credits

    Okay now look at all that. While this was a text convo, this basically how I talk to ALL girls when I approach them.
    Open with something unique (the first message)
    Bring playful sexual nonsense into it
    Use alot of Push and pull, tease her and basically say whats ever on my mind (this is autopilot now, i dont sit around and think this stuff up)
    Alot of time if you ad sexual playful convo and you have the girl attracted she will throw something sexual out if shes a sexual person. This 90% of the time how i tell what type of girl im talking to and calibrate. Like when she mentioned moaning under a waterfall, shes telling me im pretty open minded sexually. I can then gauge that to how sexual im gonna get

    Now when i find a girl like this is from 20% to 100% pretty fast like you see. Once the sex floodgate is open it stays open

    I STILL USE PUSH PULL. See how i tell her shes turning me on and then act like shes rude for it..PULL PUSH

    Alot of girl online and via text will act like they missed part of something you sent. Like where i tell her to give me her number she ignores it and keeps talking. I then take control and say NO MORE CHIT CHAT NUMBA NUMBA…

    We start texting and she starts shit testing me by telling me ( well she did this alot. Look at the one where she say good look finding a mountain and i blow it off with the waterfall comment, she then amps up the sex talk)
    She say its to bad we will never have sex on a bike the second i text her. I respond like i dont understand us not having sex, by just saying YEAAHHH prob have to do it on a bed. Didnt plan that, just who I am, but thats how you want to respond to stuff like that

    Then she tells me she wants a real austrailian and not me. Most guys would be like OH IM JUST AS GOOD. Im the prize however so i remind her that i need a cool girl and that we wouldnt work and then tell her wed just have sex all day PUSH PULL PUSH PULL

    Notice after how every shit test i pass she amps it up more and more. This is how it usually goes. In person, through text, on POF this is how I talk to girls

    Say whats on your mind, use push pull, calibrate, amp up sexuality, pass shit test.
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  2. Awesome field test man, thanks for sharing. I like how you blew past the shit tests.

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    Excellent post man. Very good refresher for me on the general attraction process. Just a quick question though: What exactly is push/pull? I am a bit removed from the game but from what I can ascertain is it basically using some negative teasing (the push) but then validating/rewarding (the pull)?

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    um is it just me or...what happened in the end? Did you end up fucking her? I wanna hear what happened in real life before i make any judgement call on the messages

  5. Ya, this is really good stuff, I like the opening, gonna try that. I like the fact that you open the sexual frame right off the bat, so right away you are qualifying her for what you're looking for. Plus this is just a great lead into the date, you can work right off of it.

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    Wow... no one else noticed?

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    Like others, I don't see where this went, other than witty back-and-forth.
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  8. what if

    ive tried this but dont know what to reply when they ask about the other characteristics that they did NOT meet. any suggestions anyone?

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    Jay you just replied to a thread from three years ago?! Things change over the years. Try starting a new thread and ask more detail in what your having issues with. Way to wake up the dead lol.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tomthemachine View Post
    Wow... no one else noticed?
    I noticed. If the story does not end with the man having actual sex, then he has not yet learned how to "close the deal." Anything else is basically mental masturbation.

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