with Alcohol you tell the truth ?!

i think you all know the saying: drunk people tell the truth.

i mean i dont think that everyone whos drunk only tells the truth, but the thing i believe is, when someone is drunk, and he really likes another person he shows that a bit more when he drank alcohol cause he is not so fuckin afraid like he is maybe when he is sober.

and i think the same thing goes for girls, when they are attracted to you, they often show it much more when they drunk.

but now to my problem, and i hope you guys have some advice for me !

yesterday i was at a party with a girl i know for about 3 months now and for 2 months we write every day via msn or facebook and for about 1 month we met 6 or 7 times, but no kiss yet :S i try to use the things braddock said in his and mr. m's Social Circle Mastery DVDs about the inner circle, so i try to not seem needy and not too tryhard, but im so fuckin afraid to land in LJBF zone. i think thats one of the most fucking things that can happen to you when you try to get the girl.

but now back to the alcohol, we 2 were really drunk, i dont mean so fuckin wasted that we almost had to puke, but we were drunk. and in the beginning when we went to the party and drunk on the way she and i had really much fun and i noticed many IOIs but suddenly there was a guyfriend of her she knows for a longer time than me, and she was suddenly just talking to him and touching him (not in a slutty way, she is still a virgin) and the whole party i just felt so fuckin bad.

i mean it wasnt that bad in the beginning, i danced a bit with her, drunk with her and we really had fun but the time she got more drunk i felt like she ignored me a bit when other guyfriends of her where around. not in a bad way, so no reason to be angry or so, it was just like the other guys are more fun.
and some people try to tell me that i shouldnt take it so serious cause she was drunk, but i think i really should take it serious CAUSE she was drunk! i mean if she really would like to be together with me she would had shown more interest in me. :S

and i mean when im alone with her we really have so much fun, but one thing is i didnt take things sexual yet and the second thing is i dont know where i stand by her.