how do i put a girl in her place?
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  1. how do i put a girl in her place?

    hey guys,
    i broke up with a girlfriend (i was dumped) about about half a yr ago. and hav e just started geting back into the whole pua thing.

    and looking back on our relationship, she said one of the most attractive things i did was put her in her place when she started acting in a way that was disrespectful to me or that i didnt like. I think i showed her that im not gonna put up with her shit and that i was always a man and was willing to walk away.

    but because it was so long ago, i dont really remmebred how i did it or how i handeled it. so i was wondering, how do i do it?

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    by calling her out on her bullshit, first.

    Not getting emotional and reactive when she tries playing her little head games.

    Sounding and being confident about everything you tell her, especially, when she's being a brat.

    Read my post on Dominance, it should help.

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