Perth pickup scene
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    Perth pickup scene

    Hey guys,

    Moder here, I'm just back from London and wondering about the Perth PU scene. Where's the best place for sarging and how BIG is the community here?
    If you have a couple of years experience, I'd love to get together for a friendly beer and discuss tactics with you, if u are cool with that?

    Chat soon!

    Moder out

  2. Hi Moder,

    I'm new here myself and would also like to find out how big the community in Perth is. A drink sounds great. Let's see if other guys from Perth post here.



  3. Hey

    I would like to do some sarging too anyone else in perth up for this?

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    We have a small group and have brought our communication to facebook. if you would like to join us, feel free to sms me on facebook at

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