Back in the game but having trouble creating Attraction

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  1. Back in the game but having trouble creating Attraction

    Not quite sure whats happening to me lately but things are strange...

    Since winter has arrived, I havnt been doing much gaming outside of my day-to day and as a result, my club game is pretty bad. I remember the days I used to walk in, own the club and be making out with a hot girl within 3 minutes of meeting her. Wtf happened? I still havnt been able to consciously create such strong attraction that the girl throws herself at me (It has happened a few times but I dont even know what I did and how to use it again on 10s). I still havnt been able to make a girl so attracted that her boyfriend is completely forgotten (I have but only over a long period of time).

    Im lazy today. I dont want to go out, I dont want game, I dont want to party. I want to stay home, watch a movie and have a girl on top of me. Im looking through my phone and realize that theres no girl I REALLY want to see. HBNewYear would come within a heartbeat, but that would mean a relationship. HBPolish has to pick up her mother from the airport, HBBishops lives too far, HBCuba would love to bang me again but lives far... the list is endless...

    Iv been playing the game seriously for the past 3 months and its times like these that make me realize that Iv gotten the girls I want, but the girls I REALLY want keep slipping through my fingers. Maybe its the winter blues, but Im starting to notice the beer belly and suddenly doubt that I am as attractive as I pretend to be.

    SO basically,

    Club game: For some reason, once I walk in, I get overwhelmed. "the music is too loud", "there are too many AMOGs thatl come and fuck up my set" and god knows what else goes through my mind and I freeze. Once Im in set, Im decent, I just freeze and cant open anymore, which is retarded because I used to be awesome at club game not even 6 months ago!

    Everyday: I know how to open, I know how to be interesting, but I seem to have Dancing Monkey Syndrome and am not usually able to create crazy attraction.

    I feel lost...


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    Start hitting the gym, do things to get your energy and confidence back. Try going with a big group of friends to club. If you can be the leader in that big group in the club, your confidence n energy will go way up.

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