A few approaches in india :p
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  1. A few approaches in india :p Need Help

    Hey Guys,
    Its wonderful to be here.Lot of guys facing similar issues as you and it makes you feel your not the only one who feels so(I see dead people).lol.So jokes apart.Started practicing day game consistently.Mostly go with the "Hey do you know a place where they do tattoos around here?".(I really don't care about transitioning at this stage in my game.)
    I can easily approach mixed sets and UGs without hesitation.Usually game in a mall nearby.My intention while sarging is to go open sets that im attracted to usually go for lonewolfs or 2 sets.Don't really care about groups more than two.I usually walk around the mall and open but i miss more than i open(right now when i go to analysis paralysis mode).

    I have 2 questions here:
    1.Am i right in choosing the sets to open that im attracted to considering the fact that that's the set that im afraid of even talking to?
    2.Should i just go for all the sets irrespective of how they look like just to up the numbers.
    These questions have been the ones ive been asking myself a lot of times after i sarge.
    3.I must also mention that i am good at continuing the conversation as i have female friends that i talk over the phone for hours.I didn't mention this to say how good i was or anything but,cos im assuming once i get over the fear of talking to beautiful ones,i should do just fine.Should i right now just push myself approaching just the hot ones even though at the end of the day it will only be a few in numbers?.

    Please let me know if anyone is going through the similar phase as mine would love to hear thoughts from you guys.

  2. Doesnt anyone face a similar situation?No opinions or comments?

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