Met a chick at party for 5 minutes, found her on
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    Met a chick at party for 5 minutes, found her on

    This past weekend went to a wild warehouse party. As I got there, I opened a cute petite 8 walking behind me, lets call her Diana. Had a 1 minute friendly conversation with Diana, we parted ways, we both had to find our people. Hours later ran into Diana, had a 3 minute conversation. Most of it sucked (because I was out of it) I did make her laugh, she asked my name, told me hers, ok see you later. At that point I could feel I was getting sick and getting a fever so my game and overall state was falling apart and thats why my game was not on with her. That night overall, I got one number close from a hot black chick, and two different girls kissed me (ok they were 7's but). I was doing pretty good until I started feelin sick.

    So I found Diana on Facebook, because I remembered her 1st name and found her on the Yes Attending of the event on FB.

    I know there was no number exchange, really there wasnt anything but something special struck me about that woman. I am pacing back and forth between writing her on FB (no we are not friends) or not. If yes, what could I say, and how do I minimze her thinking Im stalking. So kill me, I have a temporary crush.

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    i would say 'look who popped up in "people you may know"' ..... only if you have mutual friends.

    if not ... just add ... then open when she replies

  3. Just add and talk. Don't overanalyze, or else it might start looking creepy if you wait too long to act. Mind you, it is already considered stalker(ish) to be doing what you want to do, so do it as early as possible to get over any awkwardness if you were to do the same thing later.

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