IOIs but Boyfriend, how to proceed?
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    IOIs but Boyfriend, how to proceed?

    This girl in my class, Ive been sitting next to since Sept, and we talk w.e.
    At the beginning I DHV'd like crazy, but after a while i stopped caring and saw her more as a friend cause she was in a pretty serious relationship. Past month, after the Winter break ive been getting ioi's all over the place from her, the last one was this past week, she was sitting next to me, all her body language was indicating ioi's + kept reinitiating the convo, so i escalated kino, her response was a further escalation of kino, rubbing up on my leg "sexually" LOL. sounds super corny when i read that back but it was a pretty clear ioi. Anyways how should i proceed, get her to hang out tonight, build kino and go into a sexual frame?

  2. build kino and try to get her alone with you, shouldnt be too hard if your two know each other well enough. be prepared for a freeze out though

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