Conversation skills
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    Conversation skills

    Hi guys

    Am doing alot of work on myself at the mo. The main thing being trying to empty my mind and to live in the moment. I'm reading Ekhart Toll "the power of now" and already feeling results.

    Alongside this I want to work on my social presence...on bringing a uniquely positive energy to all my interactions. In order to do this I know I need to develop my conversational skills- I'm a shy guy and find talking with new people hard and I often don't have much to say, and when I do I don't feel I can hold the attention.

    I'm not looking for lines- I want to take a natural approach. I'm more interested in techniques and principles

    Any advice guys?

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    I have the same issues talking to people man, but my problem is that I genuinely don't care about the people here. I'm not even going to qualify that because I don't. Anyway people love to talk about themselves and things they have. Find something on the person that you can point out as interesting or that you have in common. Here's a scenario, I was in this anatomy class and the instructor sucked so I pretty much sat there and looked at people, not in a creepy way but in an inquisitive way. I was trying to figure each of the people out based on the movements they made and how they reacted to certain things. (I guess some may claim that's creepy but whatever) And this guy walks in wearing a Proto jersey, (Proto being a paintball brand) I noticed and immediately started up a conversation with him about it. I had played paintball for a while in high school and when I stopped the brand on his jersey was just getting started up.

    I guess the main point of the story is scout people out, see what they are wearing, see what they have. If you find interest in what they have/have on then start talking to them, just start with an observation because they will most likely love to talk about it. After that just talk about whatever, I mean, once you start a conversation and they respond and keep the conversation going that means they are interested in you as well, either that or they're just being nice. Either way it gets you some practice with people.

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    I remember working on my conversation skills too. I would start random conversations with people until I was comfortable doing it. One example was in line at the bookstore. The line was reallly long and I just made a comment about it to the woman next to me. After that it was just whatever I could think of to keep the conversation going. Not only did it help pass time until I got to pay for my books, but others around started joining in too. Start off with asking whatever you can think of. I got a number once from a girl after asking her what her favorite color was lol. No rules.. just do it.

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