So Do You Wanna Know Who's Checking Out Your FB Page?
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  1. So Do You Wanna Know Who's Checking Out Your FB Page?

    Hey what's up everyone. I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on an app I use that is called "My Top Fans". It is an app that gives you information on who are the top 8 girls/guys who visit your page. I find it useful because it's discrete, or in other words, you don't have to publish who's fb stalking you, and you can get a heads-up on who's checking you out the most or who's interested in you. You guys should check it out if you already don't use it.

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    I've heard that these are all BS and its just based on who posts on your wall - Facebook wouldn't actually allow that level of privacy to be breached. Anybody heard otherwise?

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    Facebook does not make it possible to find out who has viewed your profile. This applies to both Facebook itself and to third-party apps. For more information, see:

    This specific app probably looks at information which is publicly available. For example, it could rank people more highly if they've posted to your Wall more frequently.

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