Ok been seeing this girl for a few months, and built up to the stage where we have said we love each other, just came to my place and bought me loads for valentines day, card as well with all writing about how she feels, thing so far so good.

In the beginning when it was in pickup stage, we did talk a little about previous relationships and told her about a previous thing I had with a girl where she was really into me, loved me and wanted to be with me, but I didnt do it because I just didnt have strong enough feelings back for her, main point was that you shouldnt lie to yourself, if it isnt there then you shouldnt do it etc. Although all of this was true, it was actually with someone she knows and was about a year ago, never mentioned this, but she does have idea about how this person felt, but thinks this is about a different person.

Have always teased her about things and made her "earn" things out me, not in a bad we but just as a form of teasing. The other day she saw picture of my Mum and so then said she wanted to see what my Dad looked like, so then showed her. Then went on to say that she wanted to see a picture of this girl, and could show her on facebook. Teased her by saying I wanted to check it out first (I arent on facebook but do have account) and then I would show her.

Was hoping that would be it but today she bought it up again and said I could check on her phone, said Id do it on computer and so said ok. Hadnt planned for this and kept computer to myself to check, which teased her a bit. Did plan to show her picture on there of girl I knew from college a few years ago, but then couldnt find her on there so had to say that to her. She was cool about it and left.

This has kind of made something that wasnt an issue a bit of an issue, she didnt say anything bad or say she was upset and have always been honest with her up to now, but now this is playing in my head as dont want to lose trust, everything else I have been upfront with her about. My options include just showing her random photo, or even just getting photo from somewhere else, cant really show her person I know as its bound to mess up.

Feel fuckin stupid over this as is something out of nothing. I know before anyone say that this was dumb thing to do, think it was just a case of in the beginning not letting her know there wasnt other people I knew or had been seeing. Dont want her losing attraction because of this or looking at me in different way, as apart from this all has been out there, she tells me things, i tell her. Dont even mind admitting an insecurity over showing her a picture, just obviously now have to follow through somehow. Am a little freaked out as everything she has bought today shows me shes really into me, dont want this to cause any damage.

Any advice people??