Played my game perfectly, but my phone didn't save her number...should I email her?

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  1. Played my game perfectly, but my phone didn't save her number...should I email her?

    I'm currently taking an anatomy class in college and in the lab part of the class the first couple times we met as a class I noticed this 9/10 looking at me and smiling all the time. I didn't really pay much attention to her until about a week ago. To make a long story short, I started talking to her building attraction, kino touching, etc... I can tell she's super interested. So today as we were leaving I told her that we should text each other this weekend to study for our exam if we need help (i forget exactly how I said it). She gave me her number and I put it in.

    So i go on my phone tonight and it didnt fucking save! I have no idea what happened. I think my phone may have not saved it because the battery was almost dead but idk. So my question is should I email her tomorrow or sat for her number? All of the emails are listed on the roster so I don't think it would be creepy or maybe it would?

    I was thinking something like "hey this is going to sound so stupid, but my phone didnt save ur number, what is it again?"

    I think she's really counting on me to text her and I don't want to wait all the way next week to tell her my phone didnt saver her number...


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    Don't make an excuse. Just email her and say something like "I don't text as often as most people...I'm starting to more though!" and then sign off in the email with something like:

    Hope to talk to you soon. Feel free to text me any time,


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