How to change your account email address.
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    How to change your account email address.

    The mod and admin team get questions from forum members asking how to change their email address that is attached to their account so I'm going to do a step-by-step guide here on how to do that.

    First thing you need to do if you wish to change your email address is go to the forum 'User CP' which is located here..

    From there you are taken to the list of options for your forum account, scroll down untill you find the 'My Account' set of options and under there you'll find 'Edit Email & Password.' click on it.

    From here you can change your account email address or password.
    Just enter the new email address you want your account to be attached to in the top line then write it again below to confirm the address.

    However please note that before you press the 'Save changes' button at the bottom right of the screen you must first type in your account password in this area.

    Once you have pressed 'Save changes' wait a few moments and you should have an email sent to your new address to confirm the changes, remember to always check the spam folder in your email account.
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    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    How to use the new 'Likes' feature.

    'Likes' Feature.
    A new feature has recently been added to the forum.
    The purpose of this feature is for the members of the community to show appreciation for good posts and to also keep track of posts you like.

    We encourage everyone to use this feature as its a great way of showing your appreciation for well written posts and threads that others have put time and effort into writing.

    How to use the 'likes' feature.
    I will now explain fully how to use the feature, if you have any other questions about the feature that arn't already covered here then feel free to ask one of the mod/admin team.

    At the right side of every post (other then your own) you will see a 'like' button.

    By clicking on 'Like' you will now see a bar appear just below to show that you like this post, the like button now becomes Unlike which you can click if you ever change your mind about any post.

    Now, by going to your own profile page you will see down the left hand side how many thread/post likes you have given and received.

    By clicking on the Likes Given button you can view a list of the threads/posts that you have given likes to so far and you can also click on the link to take you to that post which is a useful tool for keeping track of posts you like.

    This works in the same way for likes received.
    Click on the likes received button to take you to the list of your own threads/posts that other members have liked, you can see who has liked your post and you are able to go to the thread/post in question by clicking the link.

    Also, whenever you view a thread which has liked posts within it you will see a box with the amount of liked posts within the thread above the first post in the thread.
    By clicking on the box a list will drop down with a list of liked posts which each one can be clicked on and you will be taken to that post.

    Enjoy the new feature and please feel free to make full use of it.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    How to stop receiving emails from TAF.

    The Attraction Forums is NOT emailing you.

    What is most likely happening is someone sent you a Personal Message (PM) on the forum, and you have your Personal Message options set up to forward those to your email instead of leaving them in your PM inbox.

    To change this option, follow the steps below after logging into your account:

    1. On the home page, click on User CP.

    2. On the left hand column, in the My Settings section, under My Account, click on General Settings.

    In the Messaging and Notifications section, untick the boxes Receive Email from Administrators and Receive Friendship Request Email.

    In the Private Messaging section, select the option Don't Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages.

    In the User Customizations section, untick Receive Inactivity Reminder Email from Administrator.

    4. Click on Save Changes.

    5. Alternatively, you may want to change the email address associated with your free TAF account. To do so, go to under My Account, click on Edit Email and Password. Put in your current password, type a new email address in the Edit Email Address (Optional) box and reconfirm it. Click on Save Changes.

    For those who have problems following instructions, here are a few screenshots to help you.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    If you still have questions, feel free to email an admin at admins (AT) theattractionforums (DOT) com
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