Girl from Chem Lecture
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    Girl from Chem Lecture

    Hey guys,

    real quick: I'm aware that gaming at school can be a bad thing. Well, I can overlook that. College doesn't last forever. I feel like if I make a move, at least I've done something. A bad scenario would be that I'll get a rejection, and she'll forget about it the next day. The worst scenario would be me not making any move whatsoever.

    She's aware of my presence because she sat next to me a couple of times, and she's also in my chem recitation class once a week. The extent of our interactions has only been one "wave" outside of class.

    She's 99% a stranger.


    What should I do to begin talking to her without making it seem as though I went out of my way to make it happen? How can I naturally game her?

    Or, should I really just leave it alone considering she's in my class?

    - Inimicus

  2. Yea im in almost the same boat... making it seem natural is the key

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    Alright boys, time to put your man pants on. Since you're in the same class, it would be NATURAL to talk about it. Just start a conversation with her about the classes you're in. Doesn't matter where. If you see her, simply go up to her and be like "So did you understand ANYTHING that happened in class today/yesterday/last week???" Or something along those lines. BOOM. That takes care of the opener. I assume you know how to game so I wont go into detail about building attraction. HB10 huh? Don't forget plenty of negs and what not.

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    are we talking class size(20-30 people) or literally lecture size(200-500 people) just in response to the post above, with the big classes(and i even heard this being mentioned by my psychology prof) the social situation changes, and except for the first week or two, most people choose to remain anonymous and to themselves/their group rather than have some random come up to them, so yea it's slightly different.

    However I could say that's super negative but it's still pretty DAMN EASY to start talking to a girl in a lecture(classrooms just have alot more natural comfort plus easier transitions, but lectures are easier to do kino especially in the back rows)

    Im guessing chem recitation is equivalent to a lab in my school(in which the size is approx 30 people) so my bet would be to ask about that.

    you know the other day a girl asked me for a pencil randomly(in a lecture) she was pretty cute, so I told her to take damn good care of it, when she gave it back I cracked a joke and started talking to her.(pretty simple really, then you can build with kino, unfortunately it was the end of class so i had no option)

    the key is to have a hook, the best would be to start with a joke(dont be too outlandish, think of what a girl is interested in, now if she's actually interested in chemistry possibly relate it to that) partner up with her for work, JUST GET IN THERE, is what he's saying, sit in a different spot(seriously, I sit in a different place every other day in my classes, its not unnatural)

    on a side note, has she given you IOI's yet? I got this girl in lecture, giving me major ioi's(look for staring, not creepy, but glances at you on a consistent basis).

  5. It's all about passive attraction. If you see her regularly, you can do things that SHOW you're an attractive person without actually confronting her at all. Instead of saying things to her, say something funny to others, or talk about something cool going on in your life with somebody else. You can even say something interesting/funny in class, more so if the class is small. Correct her if she's wrong. Shit like that. There are a million and one ways to display value without actually talking to her. If all goes well she'll find a way to talk to you, or if you casually say something to her she'll jump into a conversation.

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