Working on my social circle attraction: I must be doing something wrong?

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  1. Working on my social circle attraction: I must be doing something wrong?

    Today, I faced a pretty big rejection(LJBF shit) in my social circle, from a girl I repute of way lower value than me... Felt like a slap on the face, cuz I could read it, and yet I tried. I got a bit pissed, so I decided to write here to see if I'm doing anything wrong.
    Any critique is appreciated.

    I'm a cool guy, however in the last 2 years, I've only f-closed 3 girls.
    1. Casual day-game lay, HB7 (after which I actually stopped doing cold approaches)
    2. Social circle hottie, HB8 (which could have turned into a FB)
    3. Dating site FB, HB6 (who begs me to come over every week)
    I've had a lot of makeouts, mostly randoms in clubs (~70-80 I'd say)

    I just don't really get what I'm doing wrong in my social circle.

    - I am healthy (good in looks, take care of myself, etc)
    - Socially skilled (have huge social proof around college)
    - Funny (Sometimes more than others)
    - High status (I'm the pres of the student council)
    - Wealthy (hmm hard to say what wealth image I give)
    - Confident (hell yeah, I truly know I am one of those people that if want to achieve something, will do no matter what)
    - Pre-Selected (again huge social proof / lots of females aroud)
    - Challenging (hard to say, sometimes not so much).

    People in my inner/outer social circle should be able to see this, and immediately get attracted, right... or am I going wrong somewhere?

    I think I'll re-start day-gaming, even though I don't have much time with all the things I'm involved with (me thinking I'm the walking DHV on campus).

    Some self-critique:
    - I'm pretty defensive, sometimes cocky / bit arrogant as a result.
    - When on a pub/club, all that feels right is hitting the dancefloor, spinning some girls around and boom make-out. But that's as far as it usually goes, for various reasons.

  2. might be something that's really wrong in your mannerisms. Perhaps you seem uncomfortable. In any case, start giving girls opportunities to hang out with you one on one.

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    The problem might not be with the social circle you have developed, but your game within it. Even with a strong social circle you still need solid game to f-close girls. My advice would be to focus on practicing the parts of the emotional progression model until you find what area may be lacking and work on that.

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    I have almost exactly the same type situation. I have f-closed a little more (not much more), but compared to the ratio of girls I kiss-close, something is wrong. I make out with hot girls, then I get needy (I think) and somehow mess it up. I forget what happens usually. I need a camera or recorder on me at all times to go back and self-critique.

    I recently told one of my friends, who is a natural, about a situation with a girl. He said "Man, you are acting so gay like this is your girlfriend or something." I think he meant that I cared too much about a girl after I had only made out with her a few times AND because he could tell that I was freaking out and getting really worked up about what to do next, as it it all was riding on this one girl. I was probably acting irrational.

    I also have to rely on social-circle game, because I am in a smaller city. I was in a bar a couple nights ago, and after looking around, I realized I had made out with three of the girls there. This felt sort of like a pat on the back, but REALLY I told myself "Self, you never got to f-close with any of those girls, wtf is wrong with you"

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