The Grimbo Chronicles: My FR, and how I progress
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    The Grimbo Chronicles: My FR, and how I progress

    This is the first post here, and I'll just say last night was a major bust. The only plus out of it was arranging a date for the future with a girl. Here is where I am going to put all my reports, and I hope you guys crituiqe me, becaus I need help in alot of areas. Grimbo...out

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    ive decided this is going to be a journal in general for my progression, so I can keep a record. Today I started working some game on a girl in my math class a little bit. Just light banter back and forth, I established contact with her and got some smiles. I am not in friend zone, but she is not interested yet. I need to demonstrate value here. Thats why i went and looked it up with TrueStory's fabulous post on DHVing with stories.
    I decidd my stories are going to be with my: Wrestling matches, My Martial Arts (I am ranked Nationally), My trips to Germany, how I had to survive on my own there becase my exchange student forgot me DX (I survived for a day in Hildesheim, Deutschland, AND I made friends with the homeless dudes :]). I am also debating on telling a story in which I beat up an AMOG who was trying to screw with me. He was jsut fucking with me, he put his hands on me; and I lost control for a bit. Should I tell this story? To Continue, I think another good story is when my friend Sara (shes a HB8.82) broke her leg, and I helped her carry her books around for a few weeks, or when I take my lil sister out to eat at her cheerleading tournaments. YOu guys think those will work to.

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    Added to above ^ The date is Feb. 8 2011. Just finished talkin to a girl I have had severe AFC behavior with in the past. She was talkin to me, asked me to rate her 1-10 (shes like an 8.5-9).I decided it was neg time to start getting even lol. I rated her a 6. She got all upset lol, and said now she has to dress more slutty around me. I kept pumping the interest by saying Nooo dont do that, I see you as just a friend, dont do all that to me lol. I bantered back and forth with her. Shes getting increasingly flirtatious now. I figure I have to do this ALOT to make up for my major AFC behavior in the past. I guess Id be in attraction stage now, so I guess I keep this banter up. Any other idea to increase attraction guys, shes already comfortable with me I think. Comments and such please! Good luck in your game, God Bless, GRIMBO OUT

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    Feb 9th, 2011
    Was gaming a bit with a girl in my AP govt. class. We'll say shes a HB6, but shes a really sweet girl even if she isnt a "Solid 10". Anyway, she and I were working together on a project with a guy we will call Greg. Greg is a kinda nerdy kid, and his ideas did not coincide with mine. HB sided with me, and I AMOGed a little bit with Greg, nothing bad, just teasing. She was touching me, like friendly elbows in the ribs and that kinda thing, and rubbing her leg against mine and keeping it there. WHERE THOSE IOIS? I took them as some and I just kinoed back a bit. As she started to roll away on her chair (they have wheels) I gave it a push as a lil joke, but I farked up here I think....I pushed too hard. Thats the end of that for today. I have problems building attraction in a classroom environment, and in general guys. Any tips???

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    February 11th, 2011.
    I was at a wrestling match today (I went 2 - 1 for those who care). But My question for today is, we have some girls who I guess you could call groupies. They always ask me to sit with them and stuff, and some of the guys AMOG me. THey dont put me down or anything, they just make jokes about how "awesome I am". You can tell that they are fuckin with me, but how do I stop the nice guys??

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    February 12th, 2011
    Finished tournament today (4-2 for those who care). Today after tournament we all went out to eat. My discovery for today is that, ESP routine works especially well haha. I used it on many waitresses, and girls at my table to everybodies amazement and it worked. I had everybody eating out of my hands for a little bit!! Thats such a new and amazing me for lol! I basically just worked game on every waitress that I talked to, and every good looking girl at our table. I generated so much social proof and all of that, amazing experience. Thanks for everybody teaching me these new skills

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    February 15th, 2011
    I received my copy of the routines manual today, and I wish I had known some of this stuff before, I cant wait to try it out this weekend!

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    This is for a few days ago. Really minor, but it made me happy with progress. Just ordering good at Wendy's and I had two of the ladies behind the counter aged 22 and 19 approx. all smiley and IOIng me, plus kino. They said that I was "really happy", I was just in a good mood and it helped me alot I guess haha.

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    did you try out any of the routines from the routines manual?

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    Still trying it out a bit, it all looks great. But I have been kept inside by the rest of my life so far, alot of stuff I need to do. Its some great material I think.

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