A girl in my social circle is attracted to me, but....
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  1. A girl in my social circle is attracted to me, but....

    Background to the story:

    A girl has recently moved to Dubai where I live and is a friend of a very close friend of mine. She has no friends here yet other than my friend and another person who is also one of my close friends.

    We get along well, teasing, common interests, joking around, generally having fun.

    She has a bf of 2 months and is currently doing long distance. She has mentioned that she did not think it would last and has even told him that their time together is limited. The only reason why she is staying with him is because she is too scared about being "alone" in Dubai. Our common friend has told her that she should end it anyway, which I too agreed with and told her the same.

    So one night, I was going out with people she did not know, she had no plans so I told her to come with me to meet new people. Long story short I gamed her into comfort. Towards the end of the night we were holding hands, hugging, stroking each other and eventually kissing. She did express regret when we started kissing because she was still with her bf. However we still held hands, kept on having a good time, etc but I did not initiate kissing again. I told her I was interested and wanted to get to know her better as did she. The night ended with her saying "please do not forget about me" and I dropped her home. Since then things have been back to normal from my side at least. She seems to get a bit shy when I'm around now....and she is still with her bf.

    I am really interested in this girl as we get along well. Of course, she has a bf and nothing will happen again until she leaves him. I would be grateful if you guys could give me tips on how to DHV and boost my attraction in this scenario to make her realise she is missing out if she stays with her bf (I in no way am doing this for vindictive purposes - I am genuinely interested in her and she is too scared of letting the guy go as she is quite insecure about being alone in a new place).

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    Just keep doing what you're doing. She's attracted to you, and she's comfortable with you, so just build on that. Word of caution though, be careful with the mindset of "making her realize she's missing out", because you don't want to end up being try-hard or approval-seeking or any of that bad stuff.

    So just maintain and build upon the attraction and comfort you have with this girl while maintaining sexual tension. Focus on comfort here.

    She doesn't know many people there, and she needs to know that if she breaks it off with her current bf that you'll be there for her and that you won't just hit it and quit it or something like that. Worst thing you could do is give her an ultimatum to choose between you or her bf.

    You could go with a jealousy plotline. Talk to other girls. Let her know that as much as you like her and would like to be with her, that there are other girls you could be with and that you won't be available forever. This isn't something you actually say to her though, it's something you demonstrate.

    As her attraction for you becomes stronger and she becomes more and more comfortable, and realizes that you want her but don't need her, she'll only move further from her bf and closer to you.

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