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    field report

    I'm just putting this here as a place holder to force me to open some sets tonight, so ill post back here tomorrow.

    if i chicken out then, i dunno, spam me or something lol.

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    Ok so i think tonight was one of the worst nights i've had in a long time.

    The night started out ok, i had to sarge alone as usual, no wingman. I got on the bus to town, some girls started talking to me, turns out one of them was someone id met a while ago last year, they were pretty talkative to me, one was quite rude so i teased her about it, eventually they stopped talking to me and chatted amongst themselves.

    Id told them about an event i was going to later and they said they wanted to go to. I didn't see them again that night though. I feel i could have done a lot better here....i just didn't know what to say and it was a bit hard since being on a bus separated by other people and seats, it means touching is out of the question...

    When i got off the bus i went to check the timetable at the bus stop, there were some chicks sitting next to where the timetable was posted, when i went up to check it one of them started asking me stuff, she said she thought it was confusing and didn't know what time the bus was etc, really dumb stuff, its pretty simple so it was sort of obvious she was interested in me i usual i didn't know what to say so after answering her questions and having a brief chat i left...another missed opportunity.

    Finally i got to the club i was going to, i got a drink and sat down, there was hardly anyone there so i was going to leave after my drink. Some chicks sat down next to me, i ran the moustache opener, it didn't go too well, the chicks answered straight up saying they preferred a certain kind of moustache i cant remember and that was it...i tried to keep talking to them but they weren't interested and the conversation died so i politely said goodbye.

    I went to another venue, on the way there i had some guy start talking to me randomly, he introduced me to his girl friend, who decided she had definitely seen me somewhere before... we had a brief conversation, then they went in a different direction, i didn't follow because i didn't see much point. The venue i went to was also pretty empty, so i left and ran into the guy again....turns out it was actually a girl, was one of those really gender ambiguous i don't think that the chick was actually his/her gf, it was sort of a joke, i probly could have gotten somewhere because she seemed interested with the generic i know you from somewhere line, but i had no idea at the time that he was a she...

    Some time had passed so i went back to the first venue, i was starting to feel pretty shit, not really in the mood to be out...when i got to the venue i got a drink and sat in the corner, the worst thing you can do right? apparently not. after a while a pretty decent chick came and sat down next to me, she had seen i was sitting by my self for a while and decided to talk to me, she asked me heaps of questions, pretty AFC stuff, where are you from blah blah, we talked for a while. I used the "would you read your boyfriends email if you thought he was cheating on you " opener as i couldnt think of anything else to say, it worked well and she responded saying it had happened to her ..and now obviously im hating myself a lot, eventually she left to go dance, with a friend and said i should join her later.....she threw me like a hundred life lines, continually making conversation and i didn't escalate at all....i felt she was just talking to me because she felt sorry for me so i didn't try and escalate, but that was stupid in hindsight, she said i should just go talk to people...i didn't find her again that night but i think ill always hate myself for this, she basically handed herself to me on a silver platter and i couldn't even succeed with that.

    I went to go and dance after getting a drink, the girl id been talking too wasn't there so i danced for a bit myself. There was a chick who kept making solid eye contact with me across the dance floor, i gave her a smile and a wink, she started to leave with her friend, as she walked past i took her hand and spun her around, she said she'd be back in a minute. She returned to the dance floor a few minutes later, she made more eye contact with me, the music died down as the DJ's switched over, i went up and said "im sorry you cant look at me like that and not say anything. whats your name?" something i got from the routines manual i think....anyway she just said " i don't know what to say" and then walked off to her friends.

    Not long after another girl, very tall, probly an 8, started dancing near me and pointing at me, we made some ridiculous gestures at each other and then she left with her friends......So to sum it up i have no idea what girls expect on the dance floor, it confuses me.

    Overall im pretty disappointed with myself, its strange that none of the openers i use seem to work ever, i cant definitely tell chicks respond to and notice my body language now, after watching beyond words and improving it. So i don't know why i suck at delivering openers. As far as i can tell from this my weak point now is definitely banter, or anything that comes after opening really. Its strange when i do absolutely nothing, and sit in the corner, i get better results that trying to talk to girls....

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