Need Advice (little Noobish)

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  1. Need Advice (little Noobish)

    i was recently at chilli's with some friends i walk in and instantly 2 girls walk up and one says "i like your Jacket" i respond with "i like your eyes" then i start playfully talking to them and while this is going on i notice a hostess eyeing me down.

    First she glances at me then looks away then right after that looks back and plays with her hair and we hold 4-5 seconds of eye contact i now know she wants me to talk to her.
    im completely solid on my approach up to her then when i open her i just start blanking out and stuttering and she obviously likes me cause shes laughing playfully and starts hitting me on the arm and eventually this asshole waiter interrupts our convo and says "whats going on here" im completely clueless on how to handle that and just remain quiet she says to him "im arranging tables for a big party going on later" then he gets in front of me and starts moving this chair around pointlessly i get agitated but dont show it and say to her " alright you look busy ill talk to you later" and i take my leave. now how could i have handled that cockblock without being an asshole and showing high value and also are there any pointers on how to slow my talking speed down..ive never had this problem before but this girl was gorgeous and i want to get this out of my system before i miss an opportunity like that again.

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    basically, you just lack experience, you will get better very quickly if you start doing more approaches and talking to more random girls.

    You handled it okay.
    WHat u should do is go back some time , see if she's working, n get her phone numer, thats what a courageous man would do.!

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