Fader Bootcamp - Houston, January 2011
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    Fader Bootcamp - Houston, January 2011

    As someone who has spent years in Education, I can tell you that Fader is a true-blue teacher. His passion for the subject and desire to see his students grow in their knowledge and application of the material were apparent from the start. If you do a bootcamp with Fader, prepare to work hard and have an awesome time. Initially I was concerned with the cost of the workshop, but Fader personally saw to it that each and every one of us got much more than we paid for.

    If you are concerned about shelling out 3 grand for a weekend with this Master Instructor, remember, you get what you pay for. Wait, scratch that. You get more. He will challenge you with questions in a truly engaging, Socratic style of lecture and discussion. After demonstrating his own amazing skills in pickup, he will throw you into set after set and observe your strengths and weaknesses. He will spell out what you're doing wrong without mincing words but make you feel great about what you're doing right.

    He cares about teaching and about helping guys increase their own power, confidence and pickup skills. But he has the skills to back up what he's talking about, too. Our first night out, he picked up three waitresses in two different venues and a stripper to boot. It was like magic to see him put into practice the very same principles he'd begun to discuss with us earlier that day. Through demonstration and by throwing us into sets, he reinforced what he'd taught us. And the best way to learn is by doing.

    If you want to see a master in action, if you want to start down the path to mastery yourself, sign up to learn firsthand from this guy. Or you can stay at home and read theory without putting it into practice. Your choice.

    Happy Hunting,

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    I also came from a heavy academic background as it relates to pickup and persuasion. Fader did a better job of tying this all together than I thought was possible. While he shared a similar background in topics in which we shared a mutual interest, he showed how the many different topics could serve to powerfully tie together as they relate to doing pickup.

    Having been such a long-time student of game, Fader placed my expectations on hold and showed how useful keeping an open mind could serve me in a powerful way. While other reviews may have stated that Fader gave them more than they paid for, it was to such an extent over the weekend that it made what I was expecting seem shallow in comparison to what he actually gave in terms of data, feedback, and in-field instruction. While the physical tolls of going through an intensive amount of data were surely taxing, Fader did this all willingly and gave everyone so much more what we expected going in to the weekend.

    He gave us all more than we were expecting with great laughs, "light-bulb" moments, and fantastic information and techniques for the real world. I can't wait to get together with my crew from the weekend and continue the positive momentum of our most kickass weekend we shared with this awesome LS instructor!

    Happy 2011 - Indeed!

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    You've been warned: Fader WILL get into your head! His intuition is prodigious. He will size you up and deliver the material to you in a manner that sticks into your head! He casts a giant shadow that will leave you both wiser in your game and wealthier in your life-skills.

    A teacher can impart knowledge if the student is willing to learn. With Fader, you also get YodaVision. Fader, because of his insight, picks up the fundamental flaws in how you see yourself (inner game) and pulls you out of what you can't see. Once he points it out to you, you discover the intuitive obvious that, being so close to home, you just couldn't see. I walked into the bootcamp with both a healthy curiousity and a hunger for more out of life. I expected to learn a structure with which to develop skills and routines. I did not expect insight into my own perceptions of myself that held me back.

    I'll be honest, Fader's Day One beat the sh*t out of me. In Day One, Fader bombarded me with so much information, I could hardly process it. Yes gentlemen, I now know what it feels like to have my hymen ripped apart by a telephone pole. Within the first hour, he sized up: I'm a thinker and an analyzer. Long before we went infield, he told me my strong suit in life would be a short term liability but a long term asset. And he was right. It took Day Two for my subconscious to process the volumes of information he gave - remember, he lectured for 7 hours with one (ONE!) bathroom break for himself. I'm not certain Fader intentionally planted a seed into my subconscious to think less, but with his insight, I wouldn't put it past him. Succinctly, Fader's Day One was chaotic, tiring, and rewarding.

    Day Two, I woke up having barely slept (yes, Fader will get you to push yourself far beyond your sixty seconds of distance run) but looking at the world differently. There seemed an ineffable change in the world that I sensed but. . .well, something had changed in the Force. Driving to the bootcamp, I thought through my current challenge of not having enough material, when it hit me: I had overcome my life-long Approach Anxiety without even realizing it. Long before the bootcamp, I had set overcoming my Approach Anxiety as a goal, which if accomplished, would have been made the cost of admission well worth it. Fader pushed so hard and so fast in Day One, Approach Anxiety was run over, and I hardly knew it. And this is Fader's magic: you have no idea your accomplishments with him until long after your so-called-problems have been conquered. The rest of Day Two was much easier even if Fader stacked even more material. In case you might wonder, he had us order pizza, and we worked through supper.

    As you might imagine, I wore a Cheshire Cat grin infield that night. With Approach Anxiety conquered, I stacked forward, knowing I didn't have enough material to continue, and frankly not caring. Good enough for Fader? You'd be sadly mistaken if you thought an A- was good enough for Fader. He proceeded to bitch me out (he knew I could take it) for ejecting too damn early. And then he pulled everyone together to remind us that if we're not getting blown out at least once a week, for whatever reason, we're not working hard enough. Muscles don't build unless they're broken down, and Fader ordered us work our pick-up muscles the same way. Sage advice indeed.

    Day Three we got the message we were on a forced march and brought our lunches. Fader whizzed through the material in what seems like one breath. It was a much shorter day, only four hours. In those short three days, I walked away with a life-time of material in which to reflect on pick-up and most of all, on who I am and where I'm going in life.
    Fader's bootcamp is a transformative experience in my life. Falling in love with a sports car, finishing my first century (100mi bicycle ride in one sitting for those who don't know), riding across Texas on a motorbike in one sitting, Fader's bootcamp. F*ck yeah, it's that good.
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    Fader Rocks!!!!

    What can I say.....Fader got me out of my own way!!!! I have honestly gotten 12 numbers since the boot camp and it has only been 10 days. I have been going out like crazy but I had to stop and let everyone know how amazing Faders boot camp was. He was a down to earth guy who related to the group by talking about his own journey. He didn't sugar coat anything, he made us point out our own flaws and then he helped us get to the resolution. He picked up girls with ease and made women immediately engage with him. I was fucking amazed and I knew that I wanted whatever he had.

    He gave us the tools to pickup beautiful women. Yes tools, not a magic spell or potion to cast on women even though thatís what it seemed like at times. He gave us tools that have to be practiced and work at to get results. I would recommend this to anyone who wants have more fun with women, pickup women, and anyone who wants hot women in their life!

    Fader Rocks!!!! "Act as if...."

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    Just got back from another Houston workshop last night. I have to say I really love the city (I actually plan to move there for 6 months before I move out of the country). This workshop was amazing. I made 4 great friends (3 of which I managed to see last weekend!). We definitely rocked out hard. It is great to see everyone from this bootcamp is succesful and are still out there throwing H-Town a beating.
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