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    Hey ive always had trouble with texting. I read this one article on ezine that was pretty spot on about how to get rid of the need for it all together. Decided to copy and paste it here

    OY!…. So im not guru or 10th level black belt in pick up, but I will say im pretty good at solving girl related problems when my friends present them. The thing that dumbfounds me the is the thing I am asked most about isnt

    First Dates
    Nope….People got these fucking covered in there head. The question I constantly get asked is

    Alex….what should i text this chick

    Fortunately, while my i would say my overall game is alright, I can say without bragging I have unnatural text game. If text/phone were the only part of game I had to deal with…well id be gene simmons

    So over the course of my next two articles im going to go balls deep into the warm luscious world of phone game. This mostly applys to cold approach numbers, not social circle gaming numbers. Hprj will cover that.

    Before I get my dingo wet on this subject, I gotta address one thing. Alot of guys think theres some magic way to text girls to always score a meet up. This is not true, text game will never be a replacement for a solid interaction and even then you will ALWAYS, no matter what, see flakes and girls blowing off text sometimes. The mission of text and phone game is to get this percentage of flakes down to as LOW as
    humanly possible.

    So this process of reducing this percentage first starts in the interaction itself. OF COURSE your main goal in the interaction is to make it so ON that the girl will be at a high level of comfort and desire to meet up with you.

    To understand how I will explain this, you need to understand how I think. This explanation will help. (for those who dont link to read I will dumb it down greatly at the bottom of the article)

    This is why ive made this graph……..lol

    The graph technically starts applying right when the interaction ends. On the bottom axis is time, and the left axis is her desire/willingness/comfort to see you. Your goal in the interaction if your not gonna 1 night lay is to get (D) at the highest level possible, because after the interaction (D) decreases with (T) time. Depending on the girl the desire could fall at all sorts of rates and start out at all sorts of places.

    You have some influence on (D) after the interaction through what you text, how often you text, and other factors. As you can see there are two thresholds that you want to aim to get (D) above and this relates to what your gonna text her.

    If she really was into you and was borderline about to fuck you that night her (D) will probably start above the Come directly to your house threshold and fall slightly below it a (T) goes on the next day. Your simple mission is to simply bounce (D) back up above the Come to House threshold, and get her to come over.

    Thats it

    Now most of the time, if you number close it can be spotty, so girls will usually start slightly below or above the the Meet Up or Day 2 threshold. Depending on how far below she she is or above will determine your course of action. If she is somewhat below the Day two threshold, your goal is to simply bounce (D) above it. If its somewhat above it, your goal can be to see if you can bounce (D) above the House threshold and if you cant, schedule a day two.

    I will cover how you should text and what to do in all these instance, and how to get her to desire and comfort to the right level
    (for jackasses that dont read (D) simply means her desire to meet you)

    Okay so, there are a few thing you can do right after you get her number to increase her (D) to meet you. They are simple and very powerful.

    1. Continue talking to her for a few more minutes if time permits. Leaving right after you get her number is reckless. Spend a few more minutes so you embed yourself in her head. Make her think there’s a actually connection before you run off into the night looking for a DTF girl

    2.This is what I ALWAYS do with girls when im in quiet enough area to talk on the
    phone. She will give me her number. I will then call her phone, while shes standing next to me and play this lil routine

    Me: awww michelle…whats up…look babe, im out at _____ and theres this cute girl who just gave me her number….im probably gonna cheat on you tonight..blah blah blah…man shes seductive…blah blah

    You get the point, its a ironic little game. While this is actually a good routine and get really awesomes responses, thats not the goal. The goal is that the next day when you call or text, shes will know its your number and talking to you on the phone will be somewhat familiar

    Another way of doing this if your in a insane club is texting her right off the bat when shes right next to you.

    Me: So….theres this chick creeping on me pretty hard, can you come save me? Im feeling violated

    Agai, the next day she will know its your number and its like your just continuing the conversation. This is preferable to starting out as some stranger from last night shooting her a text. ALSO, alot of time girls will be drunk when they give you their number and the night will be kinda foggy in their head. When they see their text history….BOOM, your already in there….Ohhhh, its that guy from last night. I remember him.

    3. Putting both of you in a roll before the interaction ends. I dont care what the fucking role is. She can be your made up divorced wife, your temporary girlfriend, you x samurai bodygaurd, your attack kitten. Whatever it is, the next day when you text her you can INSTANTLY pop back into the roles and start having a fun and more IMPORTANTLY a flirty interesting conversation. Girls do not respond well to the typical…Hey, its alex from the bar…whats up….oh my days going well….what about you….yeah im doing nothing right now…wanna meet up…no?…oh well nice meeting you (well unless they are really into you)

    4. And finally a pretty common practice if you haven’t done these things is to simply text her at the end of the night something like Get home safe .This is sorta a DTF scan as well. Sometimes when you do this the girl will send back What are you doing, or might want to meet up then. Its a smart tactic. She will also now have your number
    (warning: alot of these can be awkward if the girl slips you a fake number lol)

    Okay so we have done our shit, covered our bases, the (D) is now as high as we could force it to be. Now we are gonna look at how we should operate at depending where (D) is starting and falling from.

    Also from what ive found the higher (D) starts, the slower it falls. The lower in starts, the faster it falls. There are also times where it instantly falls due to circumstances the girl is going through (has a bf, stressful life situation, blah blah blah) Also, there are times its completely random, im just going by the usual cases.

    The only starting point im gonna cover today is when the (D) starts above or very close to the Come to House threshold.

    Before I do though, I have have have to stress this. The phone is not for talking, the phone is not for getting to know her, the phone is not meant to slowly work your way into her life. EVERY EVERY EVERY fucking action you take with your phone needs to be based upon getting the (D) up past a threshold OR scheduling a day 2….that is it…. do not be some faggot who has 3 hour long text convos about her uncle passing away or her dog eat her underwear…i will fucking hit you…in the face

    There are also completely different ways you should text girls depending on their comfort, desire and willingness

    (NOTE, BIG NOTE, this does not apply in college for girls your working on. This is more so applies to girls that you meet via CA. Do not spam text a girl in your social circle whose considering fucking you. Just seal the deal at a party or something. If you creep to hard on girls in your social circle they will poop on your name if you fail)


    So starting above the Come Over Threshold. This girl is DTF and will take lil to no convincing/game. She may even game you. Usually a girl will do this by trying to set up a day 2. A day 2 is meant to get a girl to DTF status….there is no need to day 2 if shes already DTF though. The only things you have to worry about in this situation is not making her feel like a slut or feel pressured or guilty for basically wanting to get railed

    Now theres a few ways to tell if shes at this level of (D)

    - Shes asking to meet up

    -You guys basically were gonna fuck the night before, but logistics.(NOW! It is important to not seems like you expect her to put out. Yes she probably wants you to cum on her face, but if she feels pressured to fuck you, then she will not perform. Her state was probably different the night before, and she needs some time to get into that state. It shouldnt take long since she familiar being there with you.)

    -You add hints of sexuality in your text and she responds very hard

    -She is texting you without you first texting her often, asking to see you, even if your not responding

    At this point there are a few ways to handle this depending on the girl. If shes just really down to fuck. A simple hey whats up text followed by, wanna come chill for a bit will do it. Often girls need a justification to kill that last line of slut defense to come over. This can be conquered by giving them one

    -Hey i just got a new movie, need someone to watch it with

    -OMFG my new hookah is awesome come check it out

    -Im cooking a shit load of food and my friends just bailed, wanna help me eat all of it

    -(if your in college) hey i have that class too, i kinda suck, want to study

    Basically anything….

    Also, some girls just need to go on a semi date first or just wont meet you at the house even though they are hard set DTFuckers (this is usually when (D) is just slightly below the come to house threshold) Simply finding a simple thing to do like playing basketball or getting coffee near your house can solve this. If you live in apartment complex and have a pool….money. chill at pool, go to your house. She just needs a bit to make sure your still that guy that made her wet the night before

    So thats the easy part of text gaming…..Next article im gonna talk about the slightly harder part. Converting girls that are not DTF, and girls that are below or way below the Day Two threshold to meet up with you.

    This is where it gets a wee tricky

    I will also be covering how to get girls to send borderline pornographic pics for you and your friends to high five over. Yep Im good at it =P

    Ill wrap it up with a few of my favorite opening text

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    Interesting, but where is the follow up post. All this really has to offer is try to make sure she is DTF after you get her number then throw out a causal text to facilitate the logistics of hooking up... I want to see what he has to offer for raising tension and increasing attraction.

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