Girl wants to hang out, then ignores me
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  1. Girl wants to hang out, then ignores me

    Hey guys,

    I have been reading the forums for awhile and have seen situations similar to mine but not exactly the same so thought I would post this.

    About the middle of Dec. I run into a girl who went to my high school who is super hot and I ask her if she wants to go to a concert I just got tickers for when I return from vacation (I left for California for a 2-week trip the day after I ran into her). She says she would love too and gives me her number.

    About a week later I text her blah blah whats up and we start talking. We would text every other day or so about whatever and she seemed interested but then at some points after a few texts i would ask her a question and she would ignore it. I would wait two days, text her again and we would talk. Then at some point I would ask a question and she would ignore it. And I wasn't being the Riddler here, just once in awhile questions about her life. Come to think of it, she never texted me first during this period.

    At one point about a week before I get back we were talking and she said "Hey when you get back let's go see Black Swan" and I said yeah sure.

    Okay, So I get back from my trip and text her "Hey let's go see the movie tomorrow" and she says she can't but what am I doing friday? so I say Friday works and she doesnt text me back. Friday afternoon I text her "are we still on for tonight?" and I get no response.

    2 days later I text her something, no response.

    a week later I text to see if she is still coming to the concert, no response.


    What happened? And actually similar things have happened to me before. Am I trying to talk to them too much? Should I set up plans and shut the hell up? Ahh

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    easy come, easy go.
    move on to next girl

  3. You ask what happened? Well, let me tell you:

    YOU WERE NOT A CHALLENGE TO HER! She got bored of your readily available schedule and lack of hot/cold dynamics (you were constantly showering, showering, and showering her with interest - a counter-intuitive strategy in pick-up that never works). Instead, you should have been unpredictable, and should not have mentioned that concert or movie. If she's not replying, then go game other girls.

    You blew it with this one. Your recovery strategy at this point would have to be the classic 'ol freeze out - meaning that: you are not going to text or IM her anymore, will not attempt to communicate with her, and will not invite her into your life anymore (she isn't welcome anymore, she lost her chance as well).

    In the future, be more spontaneous and unpredictable. Change your plans with girls the last minute (unless you are dealing with mature and professional women) - keep them guessing. Make them miss you, make them hate you, make them love you, be fun, be daring, and most importantly - be a mutha. fuckin'. CHALLENGE.

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