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    Bit of a field report. Went out clubbing with social circle, new girl there for one night. She was my target. I danced with her, done the usual spinny **** then went for a cig with her. Then she lost her bag and started dragging me around the club. To which i wasnt impressed, so i pulled her to me and kiss closed her. We somehow split ways i soon found myself on the dance floor. Great vibe going on, just dancing with any1 and every1 was great. Night ends, come back to mine, the target is already in my friends bed. I go in under the pretence of looking for my m8, then "realise" its her and call her boring. Leave and go chill with some of the people still up. 30 mins later the target has come to join us. We talk for a while, then end up going to my room for a cig. (NOW THIS IS WHERE I FUCKING PUSSIED OUT AND AM REALLY REALLY KICKING MYSELF).

    On my bed, casual talking, im kinoing but whenever im moving closer on the bed she is leaning away, (in kick approach anxiety), i do style's hair pull routine but didnt follow it up with a kiss. PUSSY. Even though she said she liked the hair pull. WTF I KNOW. Carry on talking for like an hour and half, eliciting values, playfully teasing but no k-close or f-close. REALLY pissed at myself, had to write it to remind myself and everyone out there. TAKE FUCKING CHANCES MAN. Even if she turnt my k-close down, at least i wouldnt be sitting here now feeling like a PUSSY.

    Hope every1 gets some inspiration from this, to not pussy out and go for it. I know im regretting it. This HB7/8 is a bloody dancer with an amazing body as well. Uch, WHAT A PUSSY.

    Cheers LOL,

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    I'm not familiar with styles hair pull routine, what's the trick?

    I know how you feel, and here's the frame I try to stay in:
    ->If I take a risk in life that I know was the right thing to do, whether it be making a move with a girl, or doing something that scares me or I don't think I am good enough to do I just realize how much more I am going to kick myself and be pissed at myself if I pussy out. If I do it and get blown out, then who gives a fuck I made the right move I have nothing to be ashamed of. It works for me a lot of the time, as long as I can stay in that frame.

  3. Style hair pull, u mite wanna look it up, ive made my own variation, completely forgot the original.

    Start talking about erogenous zones, how fascinating, i.e. did you know inside of the elbows are supposed to be one? No...well how about this, pull her hair (run your hand up her neck into her hair on the back of her head, make a soft fist, pulling her hair) did you like that? ...yes...while you are still pulling on her hair, move in closer...and this...*kiss*

    lemme kno if you have any good variations on that

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