Stop texting for a while?
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  1. Stop texting for a while?

    Recently I've been texting a girl I met in college some time ago rather frequently, as we've both been studying for exams and haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks. The only time we actually talked was on the phone, and that was mostly about a physics question she had trouble with... But now exams are over I'd like to finally arrange a date. However it seems to me that I might have appeared a bit clingy by nearly always initiating texting myself. I'm fairly confident she's into me, but I think it might be a good idea to stop communicating altogether for a few days, so as not to seem overtly interested. What do you think?

  2. Maybe you guys have gotten into a routine where you will always text her first all the time, so she doesn't need to initiate the texting.

    But hey right now it's the weekend. That's when girls go out and meet guys and vice versa. So just phone her because you guys are already comfortable with each other on the phone. Tell her to join you to do something cool.

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    Yes, stop texting her for the next few days. Fuck with her head a bit. She will begin to wonder why you won't text her anymore, and if she is interested in you, this will get her feeling insecure and she will cave in and contact you first. Once that happens, you have the leverage

  4. Thanks for the advice, but what if she doesn't cave in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRosso View Post
    Thanks for the advice, but what if she doesn't cave in?
    If she's interested in you, she'll cave in. If she doesn't and isn't interested in you, the good news is, that's no problem! Wait a few WEEKS before talking to her again. Here is why I say that. From what you have said, when you two would talk on the phone, it would be to talk about homework. It seems as if she might think of you as a "study buddy" and a guy that she counts on not to hit on her. If you wait a few weeks before initiating contact with her again, this will leave plenty of time for her normal feelings of you to die off and you can start from scratch. Make sense?

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