My top 5 tips to get laid on Spring Break!!

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    My top 5 tips to get laid on Spring Break!!

    I wrote this post a year ago for Spring break and it had lots of great feedback so i'm reposting this here!! hope you guys like it !!!

    Whatís up guys!! For those of you guys who are in college or high school and want to get away and have tons of sex over spring break here are my top 5 tips to get laid on your vacations !!!!

    1. Talk to everybody.
    Vacations are that time of the year where everybody is out there to have fun therefore everybody is going to be friendly with you. People that live on vacation spots are used to talk to tourists and theyíre awkwardly friendly most of the timesÖ so talk to everybody, the hotel manager, the waitress, the taxi driver EVERYBODY!!. If you get into a talkative mode before going out itíll be easy for you start conversations with new women.

    2. Be confident.
    I know all the puas and everybody say this but itís necessary, EVEN on vacations. You have to be sure of who you are and what do you want, so women will be more attracted to you. The best way to be confident during vacations is to DONíT GIVE A FUCK about anything. Yup thatís the best and easier way to be confident. Vacations are meant to be fun so donít waste your time thinking what other people would think about you. They donít care so shouldnít either. Anyways you wonít see them ever againÖ Believe me Women want to have sex.. they're looking for sex so if you're talking to one woman and you see that the conversation isn't going anywhere move to another set...

    3. Go to a popular vacation spot.

    If what you want on your vacations is sex and fun go to a popular vacation spot. It doesnít have to be an expensive one but one that you know that gets crowded. Before going to anyplace check over the internet what people are saying about that place and do some research about that place so you would know which clubs you should visit.

    4. Take it easy with the drinks.

    I know some people no need more reason than a break to fall into drinking and get shitfaced but I mean you can do it but if what youíre looking is sex (and I assume you are cause youíre reading my blog) then DO NOT get fucked up!! I mean you can have some drinks and have fun but your goal is to score women!! Women will be drunk as well and 2 drunk people arenít a good combination for sex (one or the other will be throwing out BELIEVE ME !! hahaha ) so if what youíre looking for is sex, donít get drunkÖ

    5 be aware of your cock-blocking friends.

    Almost nobody goes on vacation alone, and well Iíve had some experiences where if I get laid and my friends donít they try everything to cock-block meÖ I know friends can act weird sometimes, so a good idea would be to ask the hotel manager for 2 or 3 keys of your room so all of your friends can have one and they wonít be bothering you when youíre laying on this hot girlís hot tub Ö

    well guys last year i went to South Padre Island, i REALLY recomend you this place if you are between 18 - 23 but if you are older go to another place. This year i wanna try Miami so let's see how it goes, maybe Cancun (on Mexico) i'll let you know!!! Have Fun and have a nice Spring Break!!!

  2. Nice tips, but if 5 is such a problem, why don't you go on vacation with some not-cock-blocking friends?

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    Have a 4loko. Those things hit harder now... perfect amount for me at least. I swear I take 5 shots nothing happens, 4loko does it perfect.

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