Severe case of oneitis, I need to act on it, I'm going crazy, help!
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  1. Severe case of oneitis, I need to act on it, I'm going crazy, help!

    So it's been forever since I've posted on here, and actually, forever since I've done any serious sarging and such, so I'm out of practice. I actually wrote about this girl a long time ago in this post. I never made a move on that day, I never even got a chance really, but w/e thats ok. We continued to talk every once and a while, and she kept bugging me about coming up to visit her at her university, which is 10 hours away. I finally found some free time and agreed to come visit for MLK weekend with my roommate.

    The girl is gorgeous, and I've known her since I was about 4, but like I said in my other post, we lost contact for about 10 years. I was definitely planning on making a move while I visited, but 1. I'm a pussy 2. I didn't get a real opportunity, we were too busy the whole time. My roommate got his nose all up my business and talked to her about me apparently and she said something along the lines of "that's not why I invited him up here, I've known him since I was 4" yada yada yada, but he also spoke to her roommate and she flat out said "yeah she wants to have sex with him", but he didn't tell me all this until we left, good friend.

    Regardless, it was an awesome weekend, and we actually got really close during the 3 days. We're texting and facebooking a lot now, and she convinced me to create a twitter, so doing that whole thing too.

    She's coming to my university to visit during her spring break, and I'm absolutely going to make a move then, no matter what kind of reads I "think" I'm getting, but I wanna work on it in the mean time. I also want to let her know I'm really into her before I get friend zoned, if I haven't already, but I don't want to scare her off. I was thinking about sending flowers to her apartment for valentines day anonymously, and making it a bit of a game to find her secret admirer, but I don't know if that would be romantic or creepy.

    I have a habit of overthinking everything when I have any kind of previous history with a girl, I know what to do in most situations, but when there's history, even platonic history, I kinda freak out, and don't know what to do or think.

    So all in all, What do I make of what she said vs. what her roommate said? what should I be doing/saying while I wait for spring to come? is the flower idea creepy?

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    So, reports are she wants to sleep with you, and you didn't even so much as kiss her. No risk equals no reward. What's the very worst that happens if you hit on her? She says I just like you as a friend? Okay, you already have that. She slaps your face? Doubtful, but now Its on the table and once women get the idea that you are sexual, it changes the dynamics immediately.

    I had a great friend like this too. Super hot, and I was crazy about her. I finally said fuck it, and told her I wanted her. She rejected me at first, but then as time went by she saw me in a different light and we ended up fucking about 2 months later on a drunk dial by her. Why? Because she now saw me as a sexual being. She even told me before that she was having erotic dreams about me. That had never happened before.

    Just man up, grow a set and go for it. You will be glad one way or the other you did.

  3. Ok, well case closed, my LITTLE SISTER, in high school, just texted me to tell me that she was looking at my facebook and she said "wow HB is really into you huh?", so I guess I'm just as oblivious as I always have been, I feel like an idiot, just gonna be blatant and tell her I'm into her.

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    instead of flat out telling her, escalate kino until she tells you to stop, safer way which will save you the embarrasement if the feelings arent mutual.

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