ABC Nightline tries to diss Love Systems & fails

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    ABC Nightline tries to diss Love Systems & fails

    My opinion anyway; let's hear yours

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    so, what did they say after kicking the cameras? :P

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    I didn't notice anything about them trying to diss you. They are naturally skeptical and they've asked some decent questions. You have presented your company very well in this video. At around 4:00 he says that we shouldn't use phrases like "come here often?" but there is really no problem with that as long as it's transitioned.

    There are two questions that people seem to have when they are first introduced to the seduction community. Does it work? And is it moral? If it works, it is irrelevant whether it is moral or not and the fact that the second question is continually asked bothers me. Because what people might be saying is that men shouldn't have control over their love lives.

    3 million years of strong sexual selection and we're not supposed to be worried about wooing the opposite sex competently? I am going to become the man that women want whether society tells me that it's moral or not.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RichardT View Post
    I didn't notice anything about them trying to diss you.
    The whole tone of the interview was meant to portray Love Systems in a negative light, as though it is somehow sleazy to teach men to get better at interacting with women. Notice the contempt in the news anchor and the interviewer's voices.

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    Savoy had a sweet comeback towards the end. Kind of shut the guy up a bit.

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    king ferdinando Guest

    lots of people say is it fair? as though we have magic potions or are drugging the women. is it fair women shoot guys down just to feel better about themselves? of course LS and other methods are fair. society needs to stop wondering iif everything is fair or unfair.

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    The game is not fair. But Love Systems doesn't make it any less fair. If anything, the game becomes more fair, because more people are learning how to play.

  8. I know it's corny but it's gotta be reminded:

    Don't hate the player... hate. the. GAME.
    ABC is hating the player (Love Systems)... but not the game (the nature of attraction).

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    Great job guys!!!!!
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    This is outrageous. I cannot believe that places like this exist and I had to see it for myself. The so-called "men" in this video are psychopathic, sociopathic and in need of help. The so-called "techniques" are mind control used to lure unsuspecting young women into bed. That's called RAPE.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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