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  1. I think that in general the public isn't yet accepting of the idea. And it isn't really their fault.

    I can definitely see how some women feel tricked or scammed because the guys were taught to do something they wouldn't normally.

    but it's a general consensus here that it is their own fault for making us turn to love systems for help. After all, they make the rules. They force out the weak and embrace the strong. They make sure that good men can never be with them unless they have certain traits. now we are learning the traits and pretending to have them.

    in fact we aren't pretending, we learn to have them, because things like confidence can be taught.

    similar to how women judge you in a few seconds, average people judge the community in a few seconds.

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    Savoy, you should have known better than to go on ABC. Good lord, they are the most anti-anything station in the world. Seriously.

    My father owns a business, and a few years ago they wanted to do a story to help "promote" his business. The story ended up making my dad's company look like some kind of scam artist. Seriously, that video made Enron look like Good Will.

    Moral of the Story - steer clear of ABC if you run a business. Seriously. It doesn't matter what it is. They are out to sabotage.

  3. I don't think ABC tried to diss LS. If they were trying to do so, they would have showed bad sets, blowoffs, students stuttering, bad reactions, etc. I didn't see that on the video. There was a bad joke when they say "drinks not inlcuded" and close up Savoy having a drink (actually, it sounds like they are trying to imply something, but I am not sure what). However, bottom line I think it is good publicity for LS.

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    Hunters love the game, no "potion" necessary

    I think Savoy covered all the key questions critics have, and i think he and the other instructors always do in every interview given/taken, at least the ones I've seen. If a woman was looking to attract a man who was "out of her league" what would she do? Ask her friends or a professional (of many different trades) for assistance. A makeover, a new haircut, some seduction skills, body language techniques, so on and so forth. These sound familiar, oh right, that's what Love Systems is providing for guys like us! As has been said, there are no magic love potions, and if a woman doesn't like a man, there's not much we can do to change her mind, but just because we want to try, doesn't make us bad in any way. Even if there was a "magic love potion", I wouldn't want it. I enjoy the feeling I get when I think about how hard I worked to win over a girl, it is way more satisfying than any other way of getting into a relationship. I had a bad habit of "settling" for girls that i found out already liked me, either through my friends or theirs. I knew all i had to do was play along and we could hook up. This is a great way to meet women (social circle), but unfortunately for me, these women weren't what I was looking for as far as a long-term relationship. Love Systems has changed that tragic habit, and i haven't even been to my bootcamp yet! So as far as these interviews on Network TV, frankly I don't give a damn what they say. I know my intentions for the skills i learn from LS are good, so what they say doesn't matter. That's all I have!

  5. Well, ABC could have spun this however they wanted it to.
    "ABC Nightline tries to diss Love Systems & fails" They chose to 'fail'. What they were doing is confronting the skepticism towards love systems and giving you an opportunity to respond. If they took a neutral or favorable attitude towards you, all that would have happened is 'preaching towards the choir'. The way they conducted the interview was done to convince people who may have been skeptical of your program's effectiveness or ethics.

    Yes, they were rude to you, that was to show that they are genuine skeptics and 'not on your side'. Like I said, when they 'failed', it was on purpose. There is no way you guys could have come off in a good light if they guys didn't want you to.

    ABC did you guys a huge favor.

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    crazy stream of posts.

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    so wht?

    do men not have the right do we have to stand back and let women choose should we not have a say...does anybody have a say in may live an if i wanted to pay someone to help me get love? all valid questions but can anybody help me to answer these questions is the real question...

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    Gotta love the media, not!

    I think it's cool you guys found a way to make a good living at this shit. F$%&ing haters!

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