odd behavior?

So I've been talking to this girl that lives quite far from me about 6 and half hours. We normally talk everyday and she text me and sends me pics.. I've gotten pretty use to talking to her sometimes I've noticed she lets me go then doesn't call me back. Text me back with one or two letters.

Her FB has really flirty guys on there eh not much competition if I was closer I guess but how do I know she really likes me and doesn't say the same shit to everybody. You think I would know as 2 when she does seem happy to talk she calls me least 3 times in row if I don't answer. "Sends long text saying how shes missed me etcetc"

Shes been on my yahoo list for 4-5 years. I mean should I trust this girl shes a mother Id think shed not be a "player". I'm not looking really for flings only relationships..

Waste of time? Freeze her out for few days?

Phone had crashed she did leave a voicemail though. Which she never has so far.. I feel like shes my crack I like her so much..