Text/email after sex?

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  1. Text/email after sex?

    What's the ideal quick text the next morning after sex with a girl for the first time? I've been seeing a girl for about a month and I've gotten a bunch of blowjobs but soon we'll have sex and I'm just curious what you guys normally say to a girl the day after? "I had fun last night" doesn't seem quite right, any thoughts?

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    This could possibly be the part that gets screwed up a lot.

    There is no need to talk about it in text, especially the 1st text that is sent afterwards. IF you do, you have changed from the person that she met.

    Send any normal text that you would normally send. Just because you guys have had sex, doesn't mean you change your style of text messaging, your personality, your views, nothing.

    Myself I wouldn't send it in the morning, maybe late afternoon, early evening. Your a busy guy right?

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    Don't mention anything about it. You're making sex a big deal between you and this girl, and if you have to think about what to say to her afterwards just solidifies that.

    When I'm saying bye to a girl I hung out with for the first time, sex or not, I say I had a fun time. (If I really did)

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