When a girl says "we'll see"?
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  1. When a girl says "we'll see"?

    So I've been chatting with this girl from an online dating site. Sent out a mass opener, and she responded. Been pinging messages back and forth, got her number, after giving her mine (after freezing her out and ignoring emails, she text me, Hey this is HB8), been running C&F text game.

    She responds quick, and drops IOIs like, I like your banter, smileys, lols, you seem cool etc.

    I progress and drop “Hey, if you want to get to know me, we should meet for a drink, your call" to which she responds, "if you wanna....your call", I text plans - I already gave her a couple of days next week I can do, and she responds "We'll see...x".

    I'm thinking of just leavin it with a message saying, Intriguing! chat to you later...

    Or shall I just give her a call in a few days? We haven't spoken on the phone yet.

    She seems kinda cute, appreciate your views gents.

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    Sounds like she was really into you until you asked her for a drink dude. Either she is nervous about meeting you cus you met online or you did summin wrong (maybe too needy??). Her sayin "if you wanna....your call" is totally non-committal and lame, "We'll see...x" sounds like flakey kinda behaviour. I'd say wait for her to make next contact. If nothing in a few days, send a high value message just commenting on something (with no questions in it) that doesnt demand a reply.

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    I didn't really read your post, but if a girl says "We'll see, maybe, I'll let you know, etc'" anything other than a rock solid "Yes" I always respond with, "It's cool another time". I don't sit around and wait to know if I'm gonna be hanging out with a girl, neither should you.

  4. Hmm, don't think it was needy, here are some of the texts for background. But I think it is an online thing?

    [random chat about dogs] I like your banter we should meet soon, otherwise I'm gonna start cheating on you"

    That's animal cruaelty! Meanie lol, Aw I like yours too but maybe I haven't said that yet. I like cheaters!

    Not gonna be reportin me to the authorities are you?! THis week difficult, but lets get together next week, how bout tues or thurs?

    Na I'm nice :-) I got uni tho

    We'll see ;-) Well if you wanna get to know me we should meet for a drink, your call. (I lifted this and changed slightly from Truestory's online thread.)

    Probably leave it for a bit as you suggest envy.

  5. So this girl initiated by text today, pretty decent back and forth, still flakey though. Conversation got to the point where I teased her about not being able to tell the time. She text me that it's 5 (it wasn't yet), I teased her some more, and said "well at some point it'll be 8pm on Monday and i'm meeting this cute student".

    She come back with "oh, you already cheatin on me then!"

    "hate to break it to you over text honey, but i'm seriously considering it, bit difficult to get her out tho, any advice? lol"

    Well, I'm bad at givin advice lol, so nah. It'll be ok tho as long as you like her haha

    Hmmm she's alright I suppose ;-) Gotta dash....got [insert random shit]!

    Just alright?! ok lol, aw, I love doin that!

    I did actually have to go, and havent responded. Is she just teasing and looking for attention?

  6. gave her a couple of days next week
    Be more certain about times in the future. "Meet me for drinks. Tuesday 8pm. Local Bar" If she wants to see you she'll say yes, or say that she's busy but offer up another time. Otherwise she's just not interested and you should move on.

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    Seems like she was mirroring the " your call " and focusing on it , this sometimes can be a major put-off. Also suggesting multiple dates can seem like you have a poor social life and needy next time be more strong in approach using key words "Friday drinks ?x ... I'll text you a time when I'm free" is my normal text to girls

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    man don't say if you want, change it for "we should meet up for drinks.. I'll be with my buddies on X place on thursday.. You should come "

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    I would've asked her if she ever leaves campus and gets out in the real world.

    I never would say something like "your call", but if she's within 20 minutes away, you should be able to get her to meet up that same day. If she's in uni, then it would depend if she has a car and how much of a hassle it would be for her to get off campus.

    I would've talked to her over the phone, and then set something up to meet up with her.

  10. Ok, thanks all, good to hear some other perspectives. I thought I was doing alright, but it could have been tighter clearly.

    Certainly won't be initiating with her any time soon.

    Is this salvageable tho? Be good to get her out.

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