Vol. 60 Intro To Online Game (Cajun and Tenmagnet)
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    Vol. 60 Intro To Online Game (Cajun and Tenmagnet)

    You should never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to platforms for meeting women. For instance, there are many attractive females who do not frequent bars and nightclubs but you might meet them in grocery stores, gyms, or... on online dating websites. The internet is becoming an increasingly acceptable and common place to meet women but just like with cold approaching, there are a set of guidelines that you need to follow and also plenty of potential pitfalls. Instructors Cajun and Tenmagnet have mastered the art of online game and on this interview, they thoroughly explain the psychology of online dating and also reveal their secrets to succeeding. .

    Some of the issues covered on this interview include:

    •How online dating different than meeting a girl in a nightclub or coffee shop
    •The advantages of online game
    •Important things to keep in mind when meeting girls online
    •How to approach women online
    •Does all the same Love Systems material apply when meeting women online?
    •How to go from meeting a woman online to meeting her in person
    •Recommended dating websites
    •What makes an effective online profile
    •How Facebook is different from a dating site
    •How you can use social networking sites for keeping in touch with women you already met

    Quotes From The Interview

    "You can't take online profiles seriously."

    "As opposed to a nightclub, the internet is a better place to meet sincere people who you actually have stuff in common with."

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  2. Vol. 60 Intro To Online Game (Cajun and Tenmagnet)

    I need a break after hearing the first five minutes of this interview. It's as if I'm listening to two stereotypical girlfriends jabber about themselves ("Like, oh my god!"). Except the girls have deep voices and want to fuck hot girls. I'll come back to this interview later.
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  3. I finally got around to listening through this. It is a little painful, hearing someone sound off about how they're a writer and how this or that relates to Holden Caulfield, and meanwhile every other word is, "like." This is the sort of thing curmudgeon traditionalists gripe about, and they happen to be right.

    But that aside, it's another valuable interview.

    The first rule of online game is that you can't take it seriously. Cajun and Tenmagnet obviously don't, and they're clearly successful with it. They're not "experts" in online game--they're successful in online game. You don't want to be an "expert." In order to be an expert you have to take it seriously, and if you take it seriously you won't do well. That's because no one wants to meet someone who's trying to meet people, in any context. Online that's even more true. What does it say about someone that they're trying to meet people--online? That's red flag city, and you don't want to be there.

    Cajun and Tenmagnet casually go through some anecdotes and brief stories that, more than anything else, display the attitude you want to bring. Bottom line: you're doing this for fun. Your profile and messages should reflect that, and this turns out to be, well, fun. Which, while it may not be my argument for online game, might be my argument against not doing it. Personally I could take it or leave it, but once in a while I just want to message a hot girl with, "Sorry about your eyebrows," and then smirk to myself and forget about it . . . and then get a surprise IOI response in my inbox later. And then bang her. Why not? That particular message is a little mean and unlikely to yield response overall, but that sort of idle silliness mischief is what makes me keep a profile. And if you tighten your online game up and live in a big city, you've got a consistent flow of weekly female interest. No reason not to.

    Exposure to that attitude is probably where most of the value in this interview comes from. Every week I scan the threads on the Forums, and about 10% read something like, "URGENT," or, "Guys, I really need your help [with this ONE girl]!" Bring that sort of urgency to online game and you've already lost. Maybe listening to these two low-grade knuckleheads laugh at each others' hi-jinx for a while will help you unfuck yourself.

  4. A few more remarks on the interview:

    I should be clear--there's more than just casual anecdote here. There are some clear thoughts on technique that everyone would do well to heed. These concern how to write your profile, how to message girls, what the messages should say, how to read profiles, etc.

    Cajun remarked that he reached a level at which his profile was consistently attracted two messages a day, which translated into two messages from worthwhile girls a week. One caveat to that: if you don't live in a metropolitan area, that's not going to happen. It's a numbers game.

    Also, OkCupid isn't new, as Tenmagnet remarks. It's been around for a few years at least. That actually goes back to what I said about not being an expert in order to be successful. Just get a profile and have fun.

  5. We chide because we love. xoxoxo

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    I just listened to the interview. What a riot! Those guys were a joy to listen to. Having said that, it was not all that useful. If you're on a budget, put your $40 toward a different LS product. Cajun's post on TAF is far more helpful for your online game than the interview.

    They spend a lot of time talking about the potential advantages and drawbacks of online dating, which are obvious. It's too bad, because this is the first Love Systems product that has disappointed me, and I've been to bootcamp, bought magic bullets, phone and text guide, day game guide, the list goes on. I haven't bought many of the other interviews, so I'm guessing that they are hit or miss.

  7. I listened to five interviews. This is the only one that didn't make the grade for me.

  8. Ebook

    I guess I'm not the only one awaiting the Cajun's ebook on Online Dating. It has been a great advertising strategy to build up the expectations 5-6 years in advance.

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