Overheating in sex
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    Overheating in sex

    Hello everyone!

    I tried searching for posts like this, couldent find any that match

    I'm 28, 194cm tall and 106kg (6 feet 4or so and 212 lb)

    I was and still am a very sweaty guy and I hate it, I suppose thats one of the causes of the problem now, I feel very discomforted about being sweaty and during sex sometimes I "overheat".

    It looks like something like this: There is approx 30 secs when there is still time and I can do something about it. I start to feel the heat and I start to sweat heavyly on my forehead and mustache line and if I dont do anything about it after 30 secs my erection is gone and my GF is pissed that I'm not concentrating on sex (ofc I do).

    The problem really is that by that time I'm swimming in my sweat, partly by the heat, partly by the double embarrasment (Heavy sweat and erection gone) and I take 5-10 mins to get the sergeant back to the frontlines.

    I dont like it when she tries to get me hard with a blowjob eighter, cuz I have the blooddick kind of guy who is ... well ... have a compact look when not in action, but get normal when refilled with blood ^^ And this gives me discomfort witch further hinders me...

    Errr well I wrote all this but I dont know what I wanted with it... anyone got any good pointer or advice?

    Sry for my bad english and crappy grammar its late here

    btw we have been together with my gf for 2 years, broke up 3 moths ago and I dont want any experences like this with anyone again

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    Get more in shape. This happened to me like 4 days ago. I've been eating like crap and am out of shape. You will sweat less if you're in better shape. Also get her to do some of the work too.

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    Yeah I have that in plan, but sadly I have to wait at least till February with working out, I have to tackle one problem at a time.
    Before my 2 year realtionship I had a strong marihuana addiction witch I quit a moth before getting her to be my gf and in the last 2 moths I started useing it again, this is my 4th clean day now so the only workout I do is swimming in my sweat ^^

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    Change positions with her on top.
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    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    Yeah whould have been a good idea, but she was lazy ^^

    I know now that it was the best that we broke up

  6. Is it anything like this?


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    I don't know. But one of the best sex I've had was in a car without a/c, windows closed and we were covered in sweat, even our hair. I think sweating is normal when having sex. Don't you sweat when doing cardio?

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    LOL MAN, thank your for shareing this video, I dont feel that my problem so huge now

    Lets hope i wont ROFL everytime I start to sweat during sex

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    you shitting me your excuse for not being able to workout is a marijuana addiction. thats a joke i hope, i use to smoke pot right before the gym. Dont act like the shits heroin, you need to get in gear and stop making excuses, smoking pot is not a big enough deal to delay working out, and you really cant be addicted to it either. get in shape=get laid without sweating like your in a boxing match

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