Re-initiating after a year of no contact
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    Re-initiating after a year of no contact

    Hey guys, well a year ago i went out with a girl twice and she really liked me, but then i went out of the country to study French without telling her and so we stopped talking to each other... Now, almost a year later, i'm back, have a new cell #, and would like to ask her out again

    I'd like some suggestions on how to re-open her thru texting first for building attraction, and once attraction is re-built, i will ask her out on the phone... I do have some idea in mind already, but would like to hear the "experts"

    Please help me!!!!! Thanks in advance and happy new years to everyone

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    no one knows?

  3. well depends on how you guys ended up contact last time?
    Meybe you can pick that up?
    You can do something like: Hee, remember me? Back from french, how are you nowadays?
    But this is basic in my opinion and I do not recommend it unless you are sure the emotion in the conversations turns to attraction.

    Meybe text something where you do not show her alot of interest (the fact that you text her shows that already).
    Meybe something like:
    "Still everyday looking out of the window to see if i am back already? If you still look meybe you see me some time cause i'm back agian."

    Ofcourse the next text depends on what and how she responds, but still do not show alot of interest and meybe use an old nickname here or get back to an old joke of yours.

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    Hey Ashley, Havent heard from you in forever! What kind of Mischief have you been getting into?!

    You can insert your name at the end of the text if you want to play it safe. If not and she says

    If she responds with "Who is this ?"

    - Your Prince Charming ...sorry im late.
    - Your future Ex husband

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