How to re-propose a first date after having to put it off for a while?
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  1. How to re-propose a first date after having to put it off for a while?

    Hello, I'm a new member here and fairly inexperienced in the dating game. I would like your advice in a situation that has been going on for the past weeks.

    I met this girl about 2 weeks before Christmas. We talked quite a bit and ended up exchanging phone numbers, and we started texting each other over the next few days about non-personal stuff (movies, music etc.). About a week later I called and asked her out to which she quickly agreed, but scheduling the date ended being quite a challenge because neither of us can drive, and several strikes in public transportation had been set up over the week.

    After failing to find a suitable day she asked me if we could just schedule the date after the new year, because by the time the strikes would end she was leaving for a family vacation at her home village and would be away for 12 days. We haven't really communicated since that, other than me sending a "Happy new year" text and her thanking me for it. She is supposed to be returning tomorrow.

    End background

    I'm not sure how to proceed now and I would like your advice.

    Should I call her tomorrow or would that make me seem too needy considering we don't know each other that well?

    Should I maybe text and ask how her holidays were and attempt to start a texting conversation? But if I do that, is it a good idea to try and bring up a date through texting?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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