Need help I want this girl so bad !
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  1. Need help I want this girl so bad !

    Hi guys,

    I met a girl 2 months ago where I played my game perfectly!

    After a few weeks that I slept with her ... I was getting confuse to get in couple with her so I started acting very wierd. (which was a mistakes)

    Now she'S independant and she said she had less interest in me ... but I know before that happend that was magical together and she was really into me!

    I know she think I'M hot but she's very independant atm and I don't know how to game her back ... she'S doing a lot of stuff with her friend and it hard to find times to date her or to see her !

    need advice my feeling are strong for her !

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    Okey, you just broke the #1 rule in pick-up which is getting in love, cuz' it fucks your game up. But what I would do is not letting her know that you care she's dating and just do the same thing. Cuz then you'll be preselected in which they most of the time get jalouse and also want to date you.

  3. Ok so if I udnerstand I should let a few days or a week go by, without texting her, wait until she text me and do some stuff so she can forgot about my little feeling about her ...

    At the begining I was playing the alpha male should I go back on this strategy ?

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    I'm also not so far in the game, but I jus know that you fucked that part up. I also don't know the exact situation between, but what I would do is keeping the attraction fresh so she doesn't forget you. But leave it for now give her the feeling of missing you. This also attracting, cuz your not holding on to her. So give it some time and after just start talking like nothing happenend and start attracting

  5. Any idea to get attraction so she wants to meet up with me ?

    I know I'll see her again but ... I defenitly need attraction back on her !

  6. wait a while and ask her to meet up.. not a date but just to see her.. act like nothing happened and be looks like ur concerned about her losing interest but she may feel less interested cause u were acting weird... like if u didnt care... after you see her... kiss her goodbye... then wait a couple days... she should text you... "play the game" .... good luck...

  7. The things here is that she's very independant but when we are together alone everything is perfect.

    But the last week I have been texting her a little bit too much and she don't like sms ... and I think it made me lower my value ... and now she may think I'm annoying or something ...

    It hard to don't text her because like I said she'S independant and she love to party with her friends ... so I guess the best way to go is to wait until we meet up again and then wait until she text me and restart the game from there ?

  8. anyone have any idea ?

  9. Go back to the alpha male strategy, talk/text her less, and generally forget that she even exists. If you pay any attention to her now, she will keep on pushing you away to keep herself being validated. I would wait a few weeks to maybe even a few months before texting her again and seeing what she's up to.

  10. I forgot where was the alpha male strategy :P haha and with that you think I'll be able to get her back if I play the game perfectly ?

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