Getting back to her - unusual case.
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  1. Getting back to her - unusual case.

    Okay, I know how can I get back to girl when she is in my vicinity. I can date other girls, just walk near her neighborhood, show social proof etc. But is it possible to get back to girl from the other town? It isn't far, but walking there "casually" would be very suspicious. Can you tell me something about that case or link me to opther posts about this?

  2. Don't "get back at girls" if anything, forget about the girl and move on. You CAN get equally or more attractive women then that woman. If you want to ever have a chance with her, try approaching 100 woman in a week. Or maybe 1 a week if thats all you can do.

  3. I can close a few girls per week but they bore me so easily so sometimes I am afraid I will run out of girls looking at stupidity of them that will happen very soon. I just want general advice if it is possible to get back when the only possible contact is phone/internets

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