Red Alert! GF Might Be Falling For Orbiter :(
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    Red Alert! GF Might Be Falling For Orbiter :(

    Ok, so this orbiter guy I've posted about in the past, I think my GF is starting to develop feelings for him. She has been posting some cryptic FaceBook status updates that would suggest it.

    There's this party he's hosting and he makes it very clear to my GF that there's this girl that's coming that he apparently likes. I think it's a ruse on his part to make my GF jealous, and my GF is actually starting to feel jealous.

    So yeah anyway, this shit sucks, how can I be not a AFC about this and ride it out?

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    So yeah anyway, this shit sucks, how can I be not a AFC about this and ride it out?
    Not be one and ride it out. Keep your behavior under control. It's normal for girls to get a little weird when their orbiters get interested in other girls.

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    She doesn't want him, just his attention... Point out to her that this other girl is nothing and you kind of feel sorry for him that he has to settle for second best because you have the best....

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    Or you could make her jealous of you and make her realize you are the prize again but getting another girl interested in you and making your gf compete a little bit.

  5. Yes just ride it out a girl i'm seeing atm has 2 orbitors who have all had a crack, they all try and make her jealous, the less interest you show in it, the more interested she will be in you.

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    Be UNPHASED... I'll repeat that again... BE UNPHASED!.. And keep being as awesome as you've always been and she'll remember why she's with you and not with them.

  7. thats why you dont stop practicing the game....its like working out in gym...once u stop working out...your physique becomes sh!t again.

    so go to girls.....dont cheat but maintain the instinct

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    If he is an orbiter, then he hasn't fucked your GF. You have, so don't lose sight of the position that you are already in and the level of investment that this represents.

    Our greatest enemies are neediness and desperation, not other men.

    I've found that for every 10 orbiters a girl has, I only need about 2 or 3 female friends to get a GF or a would-be paramour jealous or insecure.

    I think girls deep down realise that it is easier for them to acquire orbiters as they only have to be available and that a man with only 30% of her entourage has something more profound about him.

  9. for my...i cure my neediness by fuking other women.

    though i dont 2-time .

    because i know in my age group..most relationships are not gonna last anyway and i cannot take many girls seriously

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    Also, don't get into relationships with girls who need validation from their orbiters and cares about it that much that you notice. Attention whore and LSE=Not relationship material

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