New wings needed VA Beach or close to the are
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  1. New wings needed VA Beach or close to the are

    Is there anyone IN VA ,for sum reason VA seems to be dead for wingman on this site.My wingman is moving to Maimi FL,So who's down to meet up in a bar or club this is the best time because there tons of outter towners. I have a couple other wings but my main wing has a girlfriend now but he is still down to go out to keep his game up.

  2. Hey bro, I'm in the 757 and am defintely down to hit up some of the 18+ Venues. PST me for more info if interested.

  3. In the 757 as well VB I have some good connections still on Granby and am up for the occasional wing if needed still getting back into the game somewhat needed a break. also a musician so when I'm not gigging would be up for going out here and there.

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    I'm down.

    There are a few of us around, and I'd suspect prolly lots more that just haven't really made themselves known. I'm a little older (30) so I'm not usually in some of the more well-traveled spots in VB (Peabody's, Lunasea, the strip, etc), but I do tend to go out in Town Center more often. I work security at Keagan's part time at night just because there are tons of beautiful women there on the weekends and so it's like I'm basically getting paid to practice. If you come through, give me a heads up. Ask for "Great Taste." They'll know who you're talking about.

  5. i've been real busy with work and school, sorry for taking so long to reply i just got a new job but i might be down to go out WED/THU this week

  6. PM me

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    Holy shit this is exactly what I was looking for. I need wings in my area as well and had no idea how to post a thread on this thing. Message me and willing to go out asap!

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