Natural hair straightening for MEN, increse your appeal
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  1. Natural hair straightening for MEN, increse your appeal

    Hi guys. I thought perhaps this forum was the right one to talk about this. I have developed a system to straighten curly hair, it works for short and medium wavy or curly hair.
    The reason why I'm posting this in the attraction forums, is because hair style and looks also have a lot to do with attracting women, I think...

    At least it has boosted my attraction and self esteem a lot. And yes, women do notice it, everytime I go out, they look at me way more, there's absolutely no doubt that I look better with straight hair.

    There are many ways to straighten curly hair for men, youtube is packed with videos showing the procedure. However, all those procedures require flat ironing, or using relaxers/chemicals.
    The problem with those methods is that not only are they costly but they will also make you go bald!. There's even a guy in youtube advicing you not to wash your hair a few days before using a relaxer since your scalp will burn even more. Ouch!

    Alopecia is quite normal in men, even if you're not going bald right now, you will start losing hair as you start aging, you really need to take care of your hair if you want to avoid this.

    This procedure is 100% natural and requires almost no investment, you can do it daily before going out and it lasts until you take a shower. It even takes care of your hair, and makes it healthier.

    Ever since I was a kid, I always wished I had straight hair. One day I straightened my hair with a flat iron, and people started saying that now I looked like a movie star. I will tell you about my story, and the reason why now I can't flat iron or use chemicals to straighten my hair.

    One day by accident, I found out this procedure to natural straighten my hair, using a particular combination of combing techiniques and using an especific natural liquid (don't worry, it isn't cat's pee).

    The procedure takes 20 minutes aprox. If you had a bad hair day or let your hair grow longer, it will take about 30 minutes.
    If you take a shower, you will need to do it again if you want to get your hair straight again.

    Here's a little bit about my story:

    I started going bald at age 22, actually I'm like the first level of Alopecia, which means I'm slowly going bald. At age 24 I decided to get a hair transplant, actually nobody had the time to notice that I was going bald, so it was pretty convenient for me.

    A little before the hair transplant, I started taking Propecia, it didn't stop the hair loss, then I switched to Avodart and thank God it worked perfectly; after almost 5 years I haven't lost any more hair. Adding the hair transplant that I had at age 24, I look like I never had problems with Alopecia.

    The problem was, that even though now I was an adult with the means $$$ to get my hair professionally straighten, I couldn't go through that, knowing that I had to take extra care of my hair.

    I have curly hair, it is not wavy, it isn't African American either, and it works perfectly fine for me.

    I'm 28 now, I keep my hair short, sometimes I let it grow to the medium range and keep a sleek look. If I keep it short, I straighten it and then use wax for a surfer kind of look. Works every time.

    If I keep it medium (about 4" long), then I straighten it and it looks longer and soap opera-stud like. Yes I guess I'm a good looking guy, but even if you're not, you can always improove your looks, I will also give hair style tips.

    Of course, I don't wanna give this baby out for free. I need money, I'm a gnostic missionary now (yeah so I basically gave up on seduction. I'm on a spiritual stage now). And as a gnostic missionary, they send me to different cities and I can't have a stable job, or a full time job.

    I'm not selling anything at this stage. I just wanna know if people would be interested on my method.
    I'm asking your opinion, would you be willing to pay $19.99 for this?.

    If so, then I could begin making the videos and a guide available.
    I just wanna know if it's worth the effort. Thanks.

  2. I'm definitely interested but I wouldn't pay a dime for it. I'm a student so...

  3. Just buy the stuff for black people at target or walmart for like $5-$10 it works well for short hair.

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    the only way you can straighten curly hair is with chemicals or with a flat iron, I don't think your tecnique can be used by everyone.
    I don't recommend the chemicals which can damage your hair, I prefer the flat iron.
    I use a great one, the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it keeps the hair soft, shiny and super straight, plus it causes less damage to the hair than other flat irons.

  5. Just use a flat-iron with a good heat protector. Besides that people with curly hair will most probably also have thick hair which means the chance of going bald is slim, there are ofcourse exceptions but you will probably know yourself. ;-)

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